30 September, 2008

Zaid Ibrahim wrote an open letter to Pak Lah.

This was taken off Malaysia Kini....since it is an open letter it would be best for it to be dispersed to the Rakyat.

In our proclamation of independence, our first prime minister gave voice to the lofty aspirations and dreams of the people of Malaya: that Malaya was founded on the principles of liberty and justice, and the promise that collectively we would always strive to improve the welfare and happiness of its people.

Many years have passed since that momentous occasion and those aspirations and dreams remain true and are as relevant to us today as they were then. This was made possible by a strong grasp of fundamentals in the early period of this nation.

The federal constitution and the laws made pursuant to it were well founded; they embodied the key elements of a democracy built on the rule of law. The Malaysian judiciary once commanded great respect from Malaysians and was hailed as a beacon for other nations.
Our earlier prime ministers, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn were truly leaders of integrity, patriots in their own right and most importantly, men of humility. They believed in and built this nation on the principles and values enunciated in our constitution.

Even when they had to enact the Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960, they were very cautious and apologetic about it. Tunku stated clearly that the Act was passed to deal with the communist threat.

“My cabinet colleagues and I gave a solemn promise to Parliament and the nation that the immense powers given to the government under the ISA would never be used to stifle legitimate opposition and silent lawful dissent”, was what the Tunku said.

Our third prime minister, Tun Hussein Onn, reinforced this position by saying that the ISA was not intended to repress lawful political opposition and democratic activity on the part of the citizenry.

Gov’t has failed the people

The events of the last three weeks have compelled me to review the way in which the ISA has been used. This exercise has sadly led me to the conclusion that the government has time and time again failed the people of this country in repeatedly reneging on that solemn promise made by Tunku Abdul Rahman.

This has been made possible because the government and the law have mistakenly allowed the minister of home affairs to detain anyone for whatever reason he thinks fit. This subjective discretion has been abused to further certain political interests.

History is the great teacher and speaks volumes in this regard. Even a cursory examination of the manner in which the ISA has been used almost from its inception would reveal the extent to which its intended purpose has been subjugated to the politics of the day.

Regrettably, Tunku Abdul Rahman himself reneged on his promise. In 1965, his administration detained Burhanuddin Helmi, the truly towering Malay intellectual, a nationalist who happened to be a PAS leader. He was kept in detention until his death in 1969. Helmi was a political opponent and could by no stretch of the imagination be considered to have been involved in the armed rebellion or communism that the ISA was designed to deal with.

This detention was an aberration, a regrettable moment where politics had been permitted to trump the rule of law. It unfortunately appears to have set a precedent and many detentions of persons viewed as having been threatening to the incumbent administration followed through the years.

Even our literary giant, ‘sasterawan negara’ the late Tan Sri A Samad Ismail was subjected to the ISA in 1976. How could he have been a threat to national security?

I need not remind you of the terrible impact of the 1987 Operasi Lalang. Its spectre haunts the government as much as it does the peace-loving people of this nation, casting a gloom over all of us. There were and still are many unanswered questions about those dark hours when more than a hundred persons were detained for purportedly being threats to national security. Why they were detained has never been made clear to Malaysians.

Similarly, no explanation has been forthcoming as to why they were never charged in court. Those detainees included amongst their numbers senior opposition members of parliament who are still active in Parliament today.

The only thing that is certain about that period was that Umno was facing a leadership crisis. Isn’t it coincidental that the recent spate of ISA arrests has occurred when Umno is again having a leadership crisis?

‘Militant’ Ezam back in Umno

In 2001, Keadilan ‘reformasi’ activists were detained in an exercise that the Federal Court declared was in bad faith and unlawful. The continued detention of those that were not released earlier in the Kamunting detention facility was made possible only by the fact that the ISA had been questionably amended in 1988 to preclude judicial review of the minister’s order to detain.

Malaysians were told that these detainees had been attempting to overthrow the government via militant means and violent demonstrations. Seven years have gone and yet no evidence in support of this assertion has been presented. Compounding the confusion even further, one of these so-called militants, Ezam Mohamad Noor, recently rejoined Umno to great fanfare, as a prized catch it would seem.

At around the same time, members of PAS were also detained for purportedly being militant and allegedly having links to international terrorist networks. Those detained included Nik Adli, the son of Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the menteri besar of Kelantan. Malaysians were made a promise by the government that evidence of the alleged terrorist activities and links of these detainees would be disclosed. To date no such evidence has been produced.

The same formula was used in late 2007 when the Hindraf 5 were detained. Malaysians were told once again that these individuals were involved in efforts to overthrow the government and had links with the militant Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam of Sri Lanka. To date no concrete evidence have been presented to support this assertion.

It would seem therefore that the five were detained for their involvement in efforts that led to a mobilisation of Indian Malaysians to express, through peaceful means; their frustration against the way in which their community had been allowed to be marginalised. This cause has since been recognised as a legitimate one. The Hindraf demonstration is nothing extraordinary as such assemblies are universally recognised as being a legitimate means of expression.

In the same vein, the grounds advanced in support of the most recent detentions of Tan Hoon Cheng, Teresa Kok and Raja Petra Kamarudin leave much to be desired. The explanation that Tan Hoon Cheng was detained for her own safety was farcical. The suggestion that Teresa Kok had been inciting religious sentiments was unfounded as was evinced by her subsequent release.

As for Raja Petra Kamarudin, the prominent critic of the government, a perusal of his writings would show that he might have been insulting of the government and certain individuals within it.

However, being critical and insulting could not in any way amount to a threat to national security. If his writings are viewed as being insulting of Islam, Muslims or the Holy Prophet (pbuh), he should instead be charged under the Penal Code and not under the ISA.

In any event, he had already been charged for sedition and criminal defamation in respect of some of his statements. He had claimed trial, indicating as such his readiness and ability to defend himself. Justice would best be served by allowing him his day in court more so where, in the minds of the public, the government is in a position of conflict for having been the target of his strident criticism.

Law used against dissidents

The instances cited above strongly suggest that the government is undemocratic. It is this perspective that has over the last 25 plus years led to the government seemingly arbitrarily detaining political opponents, civil society and consumer advocates, writers, businessmen, students, journalists whose crime, if it could be called that, was to have been critical of the government.

How it is these individuals can be perceived as being threats to national security is beyond my comprehension. The self-evident reality is that legitimate dissent was and is quashed through the heavy-handed use of the ISA.

There are those who support and advocate this carte-blanche reading of the ISA. They will seek to persuade you that the interests of the country demand that such power be retained, that Malaysians owe their peace and stability to laws such as the ISA. This overlooks the simple truth that Malaysians of all races cherish peace. We lived together harmoniously for the last 400 years, not because of these laws but in spite of them.

I believe the people of this country are mature and intelligent enough to distinguish actions that constitute a ‘real’ threat to the country from those that threaten political interests. Malaysians have come know that the ISA is used against political opponents and, it would seem, when the leadership is under challenge either from within the ruling party or from external elements.

Malaysians today want to see a government that is committed to the court process to determine guilt or innocence even for alleged acts of incitement of racial or religious sentiment. They are less willing to believe, as they once did, that a single individual, namely the minister of home affairs; knows best about matters of national security.

They value freedom and the protection of civil liberties and this is true of people of other nations too.

I attempted to push for reform

Mr Prime Minister, the results of the last general election are clear indication that the people of Malaysia are demanding a reinstatement of the rule of law. I was appointed as your, albeit short-lived, minister in charge of legal affairs and judicial reform.

In that capacity, I came to understand more keenly how many of us want reform, not for the sake of it, but for the extent to which our institutions have been undermined by events and the impact this has had on society.

With your blessing, I attempted to push for reform. High on my list of priorities was a reinstatement of the inherent right of judicial review that could be enabled through a reversion of the key constitutional provision to its form prior to the controversial amendment in 1988.

I need not remind you that that constitutional amendment was prompted by the same series of events that led not only to Operasi Lalang but the sacking of the then Lord President and two supreme court justices.

Chief amongst my concerns was the way in which the jurisdiction and the power of the courts to grant remedy against unconstitutional and arbitrary action of the executive had been removed by Parliament and the extent to which this had permitted an erosion of the civil liberties of Malaysians.

It was this constitutional amendment that paved the way for the ouster provision in the ISA that virtually immunises the minister from judicial review, a provision which exemplifies the injustice the constitutional amendment of 1988 has lent itself.

I also sought to introduce means by which steps could be taken to assist the judiciary to regain the reputation for independence and competence it once had. Unfortunately, this was viewed as undesirable by some since an independent judiciary would mean that the executive would be less ‘influential’.

I attempted to do these things and more because of the realisation that Malaysia’s democratic traditions and the rule of law are under siege. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with giving everyone an independent judiciary and the opportunity to a fair trial.

This is consistent with the universal norms of human rights as it is with the tenets of Islam, the religion of the federation. Unchecked power to detain at the whim of one man is oppressiveness at its highest. Even in Israel, a nation that is perpetually at war the power to detain is not vested in one man and detention orders require endorsement from a judge.

If there are national security considerations, then these can be approached without jettisoning the safeguards intended to protect individual citizens from being penalised wrongfully. In other jurisdictions involved in armed conflicts, trials are held in camera to allow for judicial scrutiny of evidence considered too sensitive for public disclosure so as to satisfy the ends of justice.

If this can be done in these jurisdictions, why not here where the last armed struggle we saw, the very one that precipitated the need for the ISA, came to an end in the 1980s?

ISA was never intended to be permanent

Any doubts as to the continued relevance of the ISA in its present form should have been put to rest by the recommendation by the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) that the ISA be repealed and an anti-terror legislation suited to the times enacted in its place. Containing as it did a sunset clause in its original times, the ISA was never intended to be a permanent feature on the Malaysian legal landscape.

Through its continued use in the manner described above and in the face of public sentiment, it is only natural that the ISA has become in the mind of the people an instrument of oppression and the government is one that lends itself to oppressiveness.

Its continued use does not bode well for a society that is struggling to find its place in the global arena. It does not bode well for the democracy that is so vital for us to develop sustainably.

Mr Prime Minister, I remember very clearly what you once said; that if one has the opportunity to do what is good and right for the country, then he must take on the task. I respect you deeply for that and if I were confident that I would have been able to do some good for Malaysia, I would have remained on your team.

Sir, you are still the prime minister and you still have the opportunity to leave your footprint in Malaysian history. I urge you to do so by repealing the ISA once and for all.

Let us attempt to fulfil that solemn promise made by our beloved first prime minister to the people of this country.

Yours sincerely

Zaid Ibrahim

Aidilfitri means time out from politics.

The festive season is always a welcoming treat. But what better celebration other than Aidilfitri? No, no I am not inciting racist or religious sentiments here but here is the fact. With the majority of politicians in Malaysia being Malays and Muslims it should be a good time for the non-Malays to take a few days off and recalibrate their braincells.

The issues are stacked up hi and we can see in all it's glory what that needs to be solved once the holidays are over. Honestly it is not a pretty sight. We got Petrol prices on one hand, the political takeover plan of PKR and Anwar specifically as well as the troubled Blown Nuts party and UMNO's flip flop presidency.

But looking at the bigger picture....all the issues above is nothing compared with the looming world economic deck of cards that should just topple and unleash a small country like ours into further turmoil. Well we would like to think that we are largely unaffected as mentioned many times by bald corrupted politicians.

I see it as a good thing. I mean why is there not to be optimistic about? The political landscape is in the process of change and what more will help it if not for some economic pressure. Yes sure the Mat Sallehs are pulling out their funds but what this means for us is that it is a very good time for us Malaysians to start buying into local investments. What we are lacking is substantial participation in our own economy. So big or small, rich or middle class all of us should invest in something.

Yes it is more easier said than done but to those who do see the way it works it should be an uptrend once the political dust settles. So it will be after Raya when we shall see what other cock and bull drama these politicians and their parties can cook up from their leaky couldron of promises.

These politician need to do one thing from now onwards. Stop planning anything new and start to execute. We are bored of them yapping, talking and promising. For this Raya season it will be different.....table chit chat with the family will most likely consist of some form of political issues. Just remember....cutleries and food stays on the table.

26 September, 2008

Push comes the shove Pak Lah will leave.

No denying now that all eyes are on UMNO and specifically Pak Lah. But giving no clear indication when he might step down many are speculating that it will be much sooner than 2010. Well, perhaps the ousting of Pak Lah will be as a Party President and not anything else. I bet many would love to see that, especially the opposition.

What lies ahead will perhaps be a turning point in Malaysian Politics. Besides which other party have ever had such controversy as big as UMNO? No other party comes close. Now the contenders are definitely lining up to rally enough support for their nominations. They now have even more time to convince more divisions to choose them.

It might not be a good thing for the opposition now as a the probability now hangs in BN's court with UMNO having the tie-breaker. Lets see who comes up triumphs in this battle of the titans. Pak Lah is entering bruised alrady and those taking that opportunity are the likes of Ku Li, Muhyiddin and Najib. Friends are now becoming foes and that is how politics flows.

So no worries then, Pak Lah will leave and someone else shall take his place. The question is who? A veteran Ku Li? A thirsty Muhyiddin? Or perhaps the finger crossed Najib? Who will be the most favourite poster boy this time? If you ask me I don't like Najib. The other two I might consider though. However that still does not change much once Pak Lah leaves office.

Will Malay Supremacy still reign as the main UMNO agenda? Yes it will or else it wont be called UMNO. Will there always be provision based on racial politics? Yes there will be for as long as UMNO hold the numbers. Will our economy be monopolized by cronies? Of course for as along MCA, MIC and UMNO shake hands and cross fingers together.

So it really does not change much if UMNO presidents changes every year or everyday for that matter. It is forever enshrined in their menifesto. What we can do is sit and wait for the next General Elections or go out there and join PKR. They are not proven but heck...it's the best we got thus far.

25 September, 2008

Start your own crony based business.

These are tips on how to successfully start up your own business based on the crony business model. Yes, it has been a successful business model proven in this country for 50 years~! So it is practically fail safe~ well unless you are an idiot.

Step One:
Make friends with politicians. Especially those who have the power to blindly sign large amounts of documents. The bigger and more terrible their signatures are the better. Some skill in forgery might be useful in this area in the not too distant future.

Step Two:
Register a One Ringgit company or business. No worries if you do not have the capital. Based on the practice you have forging signatures your business establishment will be up in no time. At this stage it is good time to brng your politician friends home and show them your 100% copied free business plan.

Step Three:
At this point it would be wise to have a Lawyer friend. He need not be well versed in business law but as long he is a lawyer should do just fine. He will draft up all the agreements with lots and lots of fine print and clauses at the most secluded sections in the document. The smaller the fonts the better.

Step Four:
Get other politicians to jump in by invitation of your politician friend. Do not let them know exactly who you are. Perhaps try to even ask for a free Datukship on your behalf~ Now you have a modus operandi~ all there is need to be done is to siphon the capital from your partner's pocket into yours~

Step Five:
Pitch for government projects that your politician partners have an interest in or within their constituency. At this point it would be wise to get in your family members who are willing to put their name on documents. Remember, do not ever put your name into such documents or agreements.

Step Six:
Sub our all the projects you got to some other company and make them pay a premium for so called administration charges. In other words you are so called acting proxy to them. But you have to be smart.... always make a margin of 15% and no less. The more the better.

Step Seven:
As the main con (pun intended) never let your sub-con meet your directors or the project owners. Otherwise they might undercut you and you are screwed. Usually projects are paid according to percentage of completion as per agreement. So this would be a good time to devise an exit strategy with the paid up sum~

Step Eight:
Once the payment is in~ have it all covered in accounts as expenses. A good accountant can do that for you in a jiffy. Tax evasion is one of the sure fire ways to earn a huge profit.

Step Nine:
When you are finally bored of the whole thing so call make a goodwill transfer of shares to your political friends (the actual value of your shares are actually zero because you have siphoned it all out with the help of your dear accountant). As a good gesture give your accountant a healthy sum for helping you on your exit strategy.

Step Ten:
Retrieve all your riches from those family members you have used their names for and give them a tiny token of appreciation.....now you can probably live the rest of your days in the Bahamas. Yippeeee~!!!

Inflow? Outflow? Economic downturn?

Foreign Direct Investments are escaping to other countries. What does this mean? It could mean 2 things~ One foreign investors are pulling out or local investors are actually diversifying abroad. But do our local investors have really that much to plonk into overseas markets to actually exceed the inflow by foreign investors? I don't think so.

Indeed Malaysians are investing abroad but their investments are mostly in property that will only bring in returns in the next 10 years. Perhaps only some are seeing returns now but it is not substantial enough to make the swing back home.

What must be in the minds of foreign investors? If I were them, the political instability of late would not be the cause of worry but more to the fact that the Malaysian economy thrives on the performance of foreign markets especially the US.
I suspect we wont the that hard hit as the 1997 recession. But the lower income bracket will most likely suffer as inflation causes them to tie their stomach in.

It is well known that many stockholders are indeed politicians or have political connections. This the other investors need to take careful notes. Malaysian politics are in fact the fulcrum of the economy. Once they stop stuffing in that means they might be pulling out. Manipulation of stock prices of certain bluechip counters make it seem that these counters are active but it fact they are not. For speculators they are the worst lot.

What can we do to protect our investments? Well to those few who can afford it keep your money safe in the form of gold. Gold does not depreciate thus it is the one most stable form of investment that any money can buy. Land, this also does not depreciate but might suffer if the location is not what the market wants.

What can be said about foreign investors? Well for one thing it is the flip flopping government that is not giving any confidence boost. So what Anwar is poking into everything?, but that does not mean that the government cant do their job right. Economic policies such as pegging the Ringgit and credit control at the corporate level might be the only sound solution so far but for as long the drama continues in the political front there will be just fairy tales of what the Malaysian Economy was once was.

24 September, 2008

PKR takes a step back and BN tries to lure with 10 sen.

Who is the fool now? To some extent BN calls Anwar a bluff might be true. But the swap of ministerial portfolios may just as well be the start of doom for BN. Lets get this right on for a start.

Najib's 15 years of experience in the Defense Ministry will not be enough to grasp the gravities that our economy has suffered since Pak Lah took over as PM. Thus being the new Minister of Finance might prove to be a litmus test for Najib but it will be at the cost of the economy and the rakyat specifically.

This particular portfolio does entail a whirlwind of issues. Currently the worry that the US market is causing us has taken its first casualty as inflation rise to its highest since 27 years. Inflation as when I heard it the first time in 1997 while I was still in school was the word to understand then. But it is in fact a much more complicated matter then the man by the street can ever understand.

Now, Anwar's promise might as well be a bluff as BN so vehemently states. But Anwar is the man to fear of not only one man but a component built party so amiably called BN. Literally translated Barisan National means the Nationalist Front. How many would beg to differ today that BN's use of the word Nationalist is just a cover-up. I suspect many.

Just before Aidilfitri the BN government announced that prices of petrol and diesel will drop 10 sen a liter. That is certainly welcoming news but how long can the zest of the 10 sen drop curtail the demands for change in the Draconian Hero system? A week? Perhaps two to the most. Then everything is back to the same aftertaste again.

I doubt the rakyat would complain that much if the standards and per capita income of households increases somewhat a bit faster then the price rise of food and other essentials. Not only that but a few National core systems needs to be changed to muster a comeback for BN.

There is the fault of an education system that is inadequate and backward. Many law abiding citizens and those who practice law in this country finds that Malaysia should make do without Communist deterrent laws such as the ISA. The Official Secrets Law too has many up in arms. The claims to be a transparent government has never taken off. Words like favoritism and cronyism are most often associated with the Malaysia's economic power domes.

Special Malay Rights are too being challenged as a mojority of the minor races see red over their rights as citizens that they seem to share in common with their Malay friends. Education and the spread of government projects will forever be questioned. Other sensitive issues used by certain parties to insult and poke instability concerns religion. Which in my humble opinion should be mandated in the law and be precise in its jurisdiction and enforcement.

Politics has taken what we have lived with everyday as a tool to justify ones power over the other. Deceptions, lies and taunts makes us seem like idiots while the Reformist versus the Draconian Heroes. Where is the monarchy in all of this? They lay in silence observing and perhaps hoping that they do not have to intervene. So has the army been very dormant.

If by any fact that chaos were to break the silence then the common laws will no longer apply and we as the rakyat will loose all our rights. Let us not loose perspective in this. The path in front of us is not a short one so it will undoubtedly be very lonely if we set out to do everything alone.

It is apparent that there are two sides to pick from~ but what we have forgotten is that we have ourselves to choose too. So we are not only limited by PKR or BN. We have all of us Malaysians. If both BN and PKR does not carry the majority of the ideals that we so dream of why should we go for any of them?

We should not be happy just because we can still keep our day jobs and feed the family but we should also strive to better everything that we have and if by sticking to either PKR or BN does not seem to inch forward for a dream nation I say we could do without both.

Do not be fooled into thinking 2 lies makes the other true. BN and PKR might just be lying all the while and it is only greed that fuels them to this day. Both are not angels that come to save us from this steep world economy or make us live peacefully. One has a downward trend while another has a mix match of identities and virtues.

Remember, there is always two sides to the 10 sen coin and there is only one asshole that will be raped at the end of all this should everything go terribly wrong. It is our asses, our collection of 10 sen coins and our sanity of religion and civil rights that will be robbed should we make that dire mistake. We still have the next general elections.... we still have the power as Malaysians. Do not let these political bandits and pigs rob us of that.

23 September, 2008

Namewee: ISA no, National Anthem Act yes.

Hey the kid is back in Malaysia. But I guess the cops are not letting a song to simply go easy. Since they were mentioned in the song and video that made Namewee an overnight sensation.

I say release the boy and slap him a fine~ But do not even suggest ISA. What ubsurd thing just for a song? Almost definitely the government is truly so F**ked up. What can I say? Draconian Hero is at it again..... cowards.

I want to suggest to Namewee...why not do a parody and sample UMNO's theme song. That should be hilarious too,

Draconian hero strikes again...RPK sent to Kamunting.

Bloody hell~ so they have released 2 of the initial 3 captives under ISA. So that means what?? They have to keep the last one as consolation? Pissed? Yes I am pissed. Screw you BN~! I pray and hope that you will fall out of power very soon. Then when when you are powerless we shall see if the people allow you to stay in this country. Why not we just deport you to an island called Pulau Babi Besar and Pulau Babi Kecil? Sounds only fitting right?

Excerpt from Malaysia Kini:

Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin will be sent to Kamunting Detention Centre in Taiping, Perak today to begin his two-year detention under the Internal Security Act, said his lawyer.

The home minister has signed his detention order last night to be held without trial under section 8 of the tough security law. Under the Act, the government can renew his detention indefinitely.
Lawyers said that the police had informed them this morning that they would be taking Raja Petra to the detention centre.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court is to hear a habeas corpus bid by Raja Petra's lawyers to overturn the detention of the controversial blogger today.

Habeas corpus is a writ ordering prisoners to be brought before a judge to ascertain if there are any procedural defects which could render their detention unlawful.

Supreme Council blurts a snitch.

Haa haa haa.... Sorry lah Mat Taib but as an UMNO Information Chief it is not only your job to get intelligence (not that you are that bright) but also to know how and what must not be let slip to the open. Simply shows that you are not really doing a good job. At least you do follow the script as it is this time around as compared to your previous statements to the press which left your credibility in very much dubious position.

Who is the snitch?? Hard to say isn't it? No matter, the thing is even if the whole of UMNO Penang is behind Pak Lah it is just not good enough. Think of it this way... leaders may represent a majority but bear in mind that come party nominations and elections individual votes makes a lot of difference.

Any division can now pledge whatever they like to Pak Lah and Najib today. But what about tomorrow? How sure are you that each UMNO member will make the votes count and the transition plan go about as planned? Trying to convince of fixing the party's leadership vote before nomination is not democratic and in my opinion is the mark of a coward trying somewhat cover up the foul stench that is left behind.

Be a dignified party please. Do not make your grass roots members look like they are idiots. Mind you everyone has their own take on what and how should UMNO be like. If your version now is not to their liking they can either quit the party or rally good support and fight. Remember.... you are supreme because of your normal members. Now stop inviting them for Buka Puasa at your house~ feeding them food from your kitchen is still a form of bribery.

22 September, 2008

Foreign workers should be given a short course on their rights.

I am side stepping for a moment from the political scene since we are no where moving forward about it at the moment. Let us me shed my piece of mind on the issue of foreign workers especially those worming as maids in the Malaysian households.

Yes indeed it is a very sad state that we do hear reports of ill treatment towards them. However many employers do not realize that they are committing a violation of labour laws and human rights. They don't care much for their maids but wil most definitely make noise when they are mistreated at their place of work. Funny? No it is not.

Training prior to starting work in this country is essential as households can be a very bad experience. There are those who need to multi task and often their job veers away from their main job description. Some are seen working in restaurants or food courts. Some are seen selling food b the roadside. Some even have to clean and wash for multiple family members of their employer.

I agree with some report in a local newspaper saying that they are the modern day slaves. Their passports are withheld, some go on without pay for months or even years. A fair bit are not given a day off.... they have to serve their employers at ungodly hours without being compensated.

It merely boils down to attitude. We forget that they too are human and have needs and wants. Basic rights should include proper lodging within the household, proper medical check-ups, hours or day off and other forms of incentives should also be factored in. Perhaps it is good time to introduce such laws for maids working in this country and to curb the abuse.

21 September, 2008

ISA run by Internal Security Arseholes

I am wondering one fact.... why did Teressa Kok says she was given bad food and blogger Kickdefella did not complain of it and infact mentioned that he was treated rather well. It strikes me as odd but was there really prejudice against Teressa?

Held in a 6 by 8 cell is really like being in a grave plot. In a standard Muslim grave plot it is half that. So it is more or less a bit smaller than an average storeroom at home. The BAR has unanimously agreed to the abolishment of ISA which Mr. PR Albar says it will stay for the time being.

How long more is that time being could be an idiots guess. But an educated one would be for a long time more to come. For us Malaysians, we have more than long enough put up with this infamous ISA. Of course it is not like thousands have been detained under it without trial but the though of it disgust a modern civilization.

How many times do we hear the saying "Prevention is better than cure"? But ISA is not a law that inhibits that trait. It is to prevent after prevention has failed. Sounds redundant right? Yes it is...that is why many call it Draconian. It is where idiots rule and having a clown to explain it to the public adds a cherry to the cake.

Sometimes laws are stupid. Sometimes laws are obsolete and most times laws are implemented wrongly. ISA is a law that defeats law.....which practically means injustice especially when courts are suppose to give the verdict. For a law to defeat the court it is simply showing there is the power besides God that is above the law. How can this happen in Democracy is any idiot's educated guess.

Sing this to the tune if you dislike ISA.

(Sung to the tune of "Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra)
Fly it to the moon
Let it crash among those stars
Let me see what the bang is like
On jupiter and mars

In other words, free this land
In other words, baby screw it

Fill my heart with song
Let me curse for ever more
You are all I long for
To disappear and lessen the uproar

In other words, please make do
In other words, ISA screw you

19 September, 2008

BN is not IT savvy.

Let us gather a few interesting facts on BN in cyberpace. They have websites and blogs but it is weak. The ratio of hate articles could possibly be a thousand to one. Some just did a blog for the recent General Elections. Then thats it....its dead now.

Why the opposition has a far better command of the internet? The internet is a personal way to interact with supporters or fans. It is true, those who embrace technology the fastest will have the upper hand. For the first time in 50 years technology has never played an even more important role than it already has today.

How did we achieve Merdeka if it were not for the various activist writers and their rogue newspapers and bulletins? It is just the same concept now, the only difference it that it went paperless. The government have spent millions of tax payers money to so call implement e-government and yet they do not understand the concept.

So for as long BN relies heavily on traditional media they will only get to influence voters who do not access the internet. That is a huge audience cut which mainly are those in suburban locations. BN is loosing touch.... it is slowly getting out of date. Soon BN will be out of fashion entirely because it is simply no longer cool to vote for.

Come in the new tech savvy generation of politicians who has Facebook, Plurk, Myspace and even Friendster. They have blogs, websites, community webpages, fan pages, YouTube channels and e-newsletters. Now that is cool~ that is what 21st century politics is all about.

Hindraf protestors gets off with RM1000

I suppose the judge gave a fair enough verdict. Perhaps some quarters still cry foul over this but come to think of it the Hindraf Rally did make a mess of things especially those who had nothing to do with it.

I doubt prison is the answer to those who defies a public order to disperse. Still the judge must be lauded for being very practical and fair. Slap them with a RM1000 fine and who has the money pay up or those who cant afford it may pay whatever they can afford first and settle the rest later.

Nicely done. Now will employers take these Hindraf men and women to work? Lest not be prejudiced shall we? It was not as if they rob or killed someone.

18 September, 2008

Not confident in no confidence.

Dare I say this. There is a flaw in Anwar's tactics. For one thing he claims that the current state of economy is really bad. Well, it is not bad but it is starting to be bad. True that in any country, a shift in politics will always result in anxiety to it's people and the investors.

What is very important is definitely to maintain peace and order. My question is why is PKR pushing it? Why not wait till after the festive season and not ruin the jolly spirit. For one holding political gatherings of mass proportions is certainly not the Muslim way in Ramadhan.

Pak Lah's cool so far has got me thinking... is there a scheme of things here that the opposition can't see? For all that Anwar have said and claim to have we still have yet to see it. Where are the defectors in question?

I have too remembered that Anwar is at his best in front of a mass crowd delivering his speech. But how long can we go on listening to him claiming he has this or that? Now, the build has been done.... the no confidence motion has been put to a halt at least until the festive season is over. So what is next?

For whatever that happens after this lets hope it wont be a case of running away from the crocodile and straight into the lion's mouth. If that happens then we have only ourselves to blame.

There is an official warning out. Do not speculate on the current state of politics. Honestly speculation is always coffee table chat... but now that coffee table chat has ventured into the world wide web. So to be on the safe side this blog would cease to lay any predictions on what is to become of this country. Besides, Aidilfitri is coming and there is no point in spoiling everyone's mood just because of politics.

Let us all just sit back and enjoy the drama that unfolds between politicians and their loyal supporters. The possibility right now is infinite....it could go either way. So for the final leg of Ramadhan I will take a sabbatical on politics and concentrate more on the Malaysian social aspects of life. It is equally interesting trust me and far more educational than the current state of politics.

We shall see what happens after Raya. Would it be the same old thing or not?

The upside down flag or an upside down Pak Lah?

I have always wondered on what should a mere socio political blogger be detained under ISA? If he did suggest that the National Flag be hung upside down then what much of a difference did that kid who sampled Negaraku into a rap song? Why was he not hauled in?

But no, apparently it is of different issues entirely. No doubt to suggest to fly your national flag upside down is not a funny issue but under ISA? Nonsense~ besides an upside down flag what else could be at stake? Wearing the flag and folding it wrongly is already a form of disrespect, why not just haul every single one of those at the recent national day parade in to the nearest lock-up?

Anwar has made demands on behalf of PKR. Now more important than just an upside down flag is Pah Lah might just go upside down....perhaps with all of BN in tow. Now that would certainly be fun to watch. Pak Lah can't ignore the demands for a no confidence vote in parliament. If he does then it shows that he is either in serious denial which could spark revolt by his own party supporters or he is more than deaf and dumb and mute.

If Pak Lah so wishes to have a slow and steady plan of retirement then he should have not even picked up the PM post when handed to him. He should have honestly said "I am sorry, but I will sleep on the job if I accept." Enough la Pak Lah....just make the the emergency house session happen. If it swing into your ball park then it is good. If it does not....then pack and just leave la. A good leader knows when his time is up.

NST should stop publishing stories on Nurin's family.

I have one word for NST. STUPID. The family is already in grief and for a second year running there is yet again an article on Nurin. What the F**K la? Dey editor, no more better stories to put up ka? Are Malaysians a depressing bunch?

Many other families lost their loved ones through many other horrid experiences but are they making much noise and get their pictures published in the news? No right? So why Nurin's then? Really I am sick and tired of coming across such depressing images and reports. For once can't there be some happy news?

Leave that family alone. Or pick on your own family for a change, see if they like it. It is sick feeding on the depression and grief of others just to sell your stupid newspaper. Get a life lah NST~!

I woke up today and still in the old government.

My observations since the start of this blog has not ceased. Although there is some sort of mind shift by the people it seems BN still hold the majority. I was sincerely hoping to wake up this morning to some change. Change it did.... Kickdefella got arrested and the PM swapped portfolios with his deputy and Khairy is targeting for the top UMNO Youth post plus the RM60 million deficit that the Pahang state government is facing in the form of a lawsuit.

Still.... it is the old government. Anwar has the numbers? Well, I can cliam that I have the numbers too. Numbers of days that lapses every time I wake up and find nothing has changed in this darn country. One or two new things emerges daily but nothing that significant so to speak.

I was told by a reader to stop and smell the Hibiscus. I have my friend....every bloody day. That is one thing that I wish will never change.... the Hibiscus does not really have a smell. Yes, as boring as the politicians of this country has been for the last 20 plus odd years of my life. What else is there to smell?

UMNO has had practiced for 50 years. For that same amount of time they have developed their game plan where by in the BN coalition only the President of UMNO can become PM. Add to that the president of UMNO can simply pass the baton to whoever he pleases to succeed him. It happened too many times in a row....twice is actually enough.

Now, what is democracy? It is the right and freedom to choose who leads right? But UMNO clearly does not practice that. So where is the Democracy? We can't even choose what cable television service we want. It is like Capitalism with breast augmentation. The "Tidak Apa" attitude clearly is in perfect form here. As long as we have jobs and can feed the family what is there to complain?

Well, that is simply wrong. With such an attitude we can never move forward. With that attitude we have been stuck with the same government for generations. Also with that Malaysia is what it is today to Malaysians. Not everyone likes things the way it is but then again not many wants to live out of that comfort zone that they have enjoyed all their lives. I bet majority of these people are BN supporters or members.

If we don't like a certain law fight for it to be changed. The people are given all the power but we are still pussies. Still majority vote for an ailing ideology. Look, BN is simply an ideology....nothing more than that. It is not a system, it is not a living organism. Even the same goes to PKR....it is an ideology. If any of us do not like both then formulate one your own. No one is forced to pick sides and not spit back from the very bowls we were fed from.

It is not being ungrateful to point out the failure of an ideology. Politics is like fashion....leaders are like fashion.... if they are no longer in fancy then throw them in the bargain bin. Slap on some other cut and colour to strut in town with. What we do not lack is choices but what we do lack is cohesiveness.

That is simply why such a barbaric law such as ISA still exists. That is why we are still paying insane amounts of money for foreigners to manage our home grown multinationals. That is why we are still marking the same "Dacing" every election. What is bloody wrong with us?

So what we have our own National car? Even that enjoys some form of divine help.... crazy taxes for imported goods. Why tax imported goods? Why not push for better standards for local products? Haaa.... something fishy here right?? Yes yes...very low income tax but the buggers caught us even when we are still in diapers. Lousy mamak food also gets taxed?!!!

Whats the fuss when taxable income treshold is raised? When everything else is either expensive or of low quality? Muslims kena double tax~! One is the common tax~ then also got Zakat. Owh and even that the collection of Zakat is misused and not given to those who needs it dearly.

Spell corruption in every government institution. But still we vote for the same morons and baboons day in and day out. When we try to make a change...hah there you go....kena ISA. Ain't that good or ain't that brilliant? It is neither is if you ask me.

Open your eyes lah... the government is nothing without the people. The PM is nothing without the people... the opposition is also nothing without the people. No people there will be practically ziltch. Our choice, our needs and our wants should be met and that is the most paramount responsibility of the government. If the people complains that means that the ruling party has not been doing a good job.

If these politicians want to act and rehearse speeches then go join Akademi Fantasia. If politicians wants to swindle the country's riches then just go rob banks. If politicians wants to pick on races and religion then go to the US. We Malaysians don't deserve any of you or your cohorts.

Do you want to wake up to the same old corrupted deviated government? I certainly don't want to. And if ever PKR takes over....they better deliver and not sellout the country's riches to some foreign scum. We have heard the talk Anwar....now you better walk it.

16 September, 2008

PKR is on course to take over. Will BN, UMNO and Pak Lah survive?

Just look at that~!!! The image from Malaysia Kini reveals to us that PKR is mighty and has loads of support. 20 thousand strong attended this event to commemorate celebrations of 16th September. But what is more important is that the announcement that Anwar made.

"We have the numbers"

Of course a government can't be swapped over night but anyway how apparent it is I have to say it is a different scene entirely as compared to Anwar's first attempt before he was sent to jail. Is this learning through mistakes? I suppose so.

How far is all of this is true will be known in the next few weeks. What Pak Lah will find on his desk won't go down well with his Sahur. But he would undeniably state that the numbers are all not true and it is all a hoax. Denial?

As for Anwar and PKR, I do not entirely support his tactics but at the time and light of things I suppose to wait for the next General Elections is too long to wait. It would be better to catch Pak Lah's pants down right after a victory.

But my serious question is.... how much would it effect our current state of economy? How much would it give confidence to the public service to serve under PKR? Lastly, When and if the time comes for a transition of government would BN and UMNO accept their fate and bow out in a gentlemanly manner?

We know how dirty bitter politicians can be. We know there are the corrupt few who loves the grace of BN. We know there are many businesses that grew and profited through generous political contributions and favours. The tides shall turn sooner or later to the side with the most support. But can PKR really deliver as promised and not compromise the economy?

With change comes uncertainty. Many are not comfortable with that. So, with that when the time comes and matters most can all of us work together? Can all BN component parties swap sides in parliament and get comfy on the opposition's for the first time? Can PKR not get distracted from what they have promised versus their new found powers? Only time will tell Malaysia...Only time will tell.

15 September, 2008

Was it a rsignation letter or an application for a holiday?

I didn't know a resignation letter can become an application of leave. But in Pak Lah's eyes that should have been it. Zaid Ibrahim tendered his resignation from his ministerial post only to be granted with a 2 weeks leave.

I don't really like the idea that some bloggers call the PM a flip flopper but this has to be the issue that changes my mind entirely. However I would truly understand Pak Lah's position. He is already uncomfortable with so much flak drawn against him and he can't afford that his cabinet members even think of resigning.

The police have explained why they acted under provision of the ISA which in my opinion was simply a bad explanation. Come on, how can you ask the people to trust you when your actions does not make sense? Just like a pair of flip flops...it flips then it flops back into your face.

So, a minister gets an early Aidilfitri holiday while an MP gets detained in a storeroom and fed with food giving her the spurts. I wonder how else can justice be served? The definition has been flipped beyond comprehension and all I can think of is to tap my head in disgust.

Pak Lah should come out of the closet and make a public statement. If he does not want certain parties to misinterpret his actions and decisions, please have the balls in explaining to the people personally and not to his high council UMNO members and his cabinet alone. Currently the tactics is simply too slow and gives the opposition the upper hand.

Lets offer boxes to Pak Lah.

With clear indication that Pak Lah is loosing favour many are lining up to take his seat. Well he is indeed living on prime real estate. PKR is definitely favours the precarious position that Pak Lah is in and Anwar might start too drool a bit. What a sweeter pre-raya gift can he ask for?

A minister has resigned amidst the tension rising from again the use of ISA as a political tactic. But take Ismail Ahmad for example, he got a way with just a 3 years suspension. Then take those who are on the opposition's side.... they are arrested under ISA. Hmmmm.... associations make all the difference.

Well to those who has just moved houses and all the sundry shops I suggest you not to dispose of all your paper boxes. Instead just collect them together and deliver it to the PM's official residence. It would also be kind of you to also write his and his wife's name on it too. Because when they pack it will definitely be in such a hurry.

13 September, 2008

Seasoned Blogger, a reporter and an MP detained under ISA.

Yes I am talking about the same as every Malaysian socio-political blog out there. No, I am not going to lambaste the government. Why? It would make me just the same as those in power. Besides, Ramadhan is a holy month so I will not taint my fasting with ridiculous accusations and assumptions.

What is there about the detainees? First, one was just doing her job and reporting the truth. As it was shown clearly that Ahmad meant what he said although he claimed that he was taken out of context but somehow sidestep the fact that he did not consider at all what he said would offend many. Another is an MP, yes an MP with a blog. And the final one is the gloriously famous RPK.

Sad to say that the current state of things has been blown wide open either deliberately or unintentionally as pressure mounts to unmanageable levels. Pak Lah certainly has no reason to be sleeping anymore since Muhyiddin made his statement on the transition of power in 2010. Najib too has decided that it should not be under his power to decide on the transition.

Basically there is some form of washing of hands which should have been done a long time ago. More importantly what does this whole drama has to do with us as Malaysians? It proves our suspicions beyond any reason of a doubt that the ISA is again used to silence, scare and restrict everyone against the wishes of the government.

Certainly a few has to be made examples to show who is boss (and not willing to let go under any circumstances). However the reason for ISA is to deter any terrorist acts. But is blogging on socio-political issues regarded as an act of terrorism? From my understanding and as well as referring to a few dictionaries, terrorism is;

The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

So it is stated clearly that terrorism is by an act to force or threaten. So should bloggers, journalist and a representative of the people in parliament fall in this category? I let you be the judge of it since individuals have different capacity of thinking and gumption from one another.

Now, it can be said that socio-political bloggers might be a long string of targets to be detained without a trial under the ISA. Which technically, socio-political bloggers are no where close to becoming terrorist. Those who read their entries are not forced to read them but instead do it by choice. So which part of it falls under the act of forcing or threatening let alone being an act of terrorism?

Since the definition of the laws of this country is all based on interpretation and pretty much can be changed at will on the fly. Even an old hag and kids can be detained under the ISA if those in poser so wishes. The ISA in my opinion is draconian, uncivilized and breaches some human rights.

But in Malaysia, the understanding of human rights is very low as compared to the European countries. We are first and foremost not properly educated on the essence and points of human rights. Thats intentionally you say? Perhaps it is and perhaps it is not. But as law abiding citizens we should be brave and not be egoistic like Ahmad Ismail and the rest of his supporters.

First even if the alleged statement was wrongly interpreted he should apologize in the sense that he did not explain in detail what his statement was referring to, he should at least apologize for letting people to misunderstand the context he was talking about prior to what he uttered from his pretty lips. If those who appose the government get to sleep in high gauge steel bars then ISA should be used to arrest internal people with malicious intent as well.

But who am I joking? That is never going to happen. If it does then the chances are still extremely slim. Now BN has brought even more attention to themselves in having a hand to arrest certain individuals who so called pose threat to their existence. Come to think of it governments cant be too smart can they? As for now they think that they are way too smart but in clear fact they are digging their own grave an inch a day. Then a switch of government will be more than welcome to people that matters most and they are people like you and me.

p/s: Can ISA be considered an act of terrorism based on the understanding given in bold above? It is initiated under the influence of Politcs.

11 September, 2008

Defiant minions and the race to UMNO top spot.

Tsk tsk tsk....Pak Lah oh Pak Lah. Why Pak Lah? Why?

Ahmad Ismail is as stubborn as any Malay political arse head one will ever know. Muhyiddin foresees that Pak "terlelap" Lah has to make an earlier exit. Upon this Pak Lah is puzzled as to why Muhyiddin an UMNO veteran and part of his team came to that conclusion.

Perhaps Pak Lah is coming to a denial stage. His deck of Uno cards are running very low on power cards I presume. Perhaps it is time to bring out the Wildcard draw 4s. Perhaps only then the Sleeper better odds and a fighting chance.

10 September, 2008

Current sentiments: Youths are thinking of moving overseas

This has been going on for awhile. Ever since last year almost every friend of mine when asked about the current state of politics and racial issues that Malaysia is facing are in fact considering to migrate overseas. Why should we now be concerned about foreign investors pulling out when the country's assets are thinking of ditching their homeland for greener and less racist pastures abroad?

As to date I have about 5 friends who have migrated to either Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Many more are planning to do so in the near future. I for one still believe there is a glimmer of hope. But if my friends can think otherwise what about the rest of Malaysian's youth?

Yes commodities are crucial for any country but what is even more important than that is the pool of local human resources. What would a country be like if a large percentage of its youths decides to flee? What about those who are already studying abroad? Those that I know says they wish not to come back given a choice.

The situation is not yet critical but it is a very worrying thought. Our education system is sad. Current economic policies are not really bright implementation wise and the political situation is simply making it worse. What are all the old farts up there are thinking?

Their words do not equate to their actions and their reactions are even worse so. If we do not realize the medium term and long term losses of the nation if this problem were to persist (god forbid) lets say another ten years then Malaysia should only be left with golden aged citizens.

Perhaps a new industry will boom. Old folks home and retiree daycare? Funded by Malaysians earning Yen, Euros, Pound Sterling and other major currencies. Yes yes....certainly "Malaysia as my retiring home" could be the next sales pitch that the desperate government might think of next.

09 September, 2008

Ahmad Ismail declares it is a cheapshot but Zainol injected hatred very clearly.

What is this Pak Lah? Your deputy had to apologize on a minion's behalf and he still kept to his stand and claims that he was wrongfully interpreted. Zainol Abidin became the shiny syringe of poison by clearly tearing Dr. Koh Tsu Koon's portrait.

Now with immediate effect Koh announced that Gerakan has nothing to do with UMNO anymore. Now MCA is the only one left and if ever they decide to drop ties I must say UMNO has lost all that it has built all these many years.

Yes, yes of course Malays must not be bullied to a corner and forced to eat a dilemma that other races throw at it but just think for a bit. Would it come to this if UMNO kept a vigilant eye on racial integration and harmony?

After reading the official press statement of Ahmad a part of me does believe that perhaps there is some parties that are taking advantage to purposely misinterpret what he said. But does that mean maintaining a complete ignorance of racial sensitivities should be replied with another racial ignorance? My dear Pak Lah you should above all know that two wrongs does not make one right.

Ahmad Ismail did what he was told to do but managed to state his point across clearly. But what Zainol Abidin did was immature and disrespectful. What is an excuse for such man to have complete disregard of his behaviour just because he felt tearing Koh's portrait was an apt thing to do?

In this instance Ahmad Ismail did as best to what anyone with the love of his race would have done. But I would honestly suggest that Zainol be taken action for what he did in the press conference. The situation has gone from bad to worse and just when another by election will be held in Sabah.

What respect should even MCA consider to UMNO now? If something as such can happen to Gerakan why would it be there any reason that the same will not happen to MCA? Pak Lah should realize that loosing component parties at any stage and especially this one is not an option.

For crying out loud Pak Lah...if you cant control and ensure that your dear UMNO brothers behave then what sort of leader are you? I bet you, you can't sleep on this like you have always done. UMNO needs a scapegoat~ and if not Ahmad then Zainol should be the deserving one to be taken action for his public misconduct.