09 September, 2008

Ahmad Ismail declares it is a cheapshot but Zainol injected hatred very clearly.

What is this Pak Lah? Your deputy had to apologize on a minion's behalf and he still kept to his stand and claims that he was wrongfully interpreted. Zainol Abidin became the shiny syringe of poison by clearly tearing Dr. Koh Tsu Koon's portrait.

Now with immediate effect Koh announced that Gerakan has nothing to do with UMNO anymore. Now MCA is the only one left and if ever they decide to drop ties I must say UMNO has lost all that it has built all these many years.

Yes, yes of course Malays must not be bullied to a corner and forced to eat a dilemma that other races throw at it but just think for a bit. Would it come to this if UMNO kept a vigilant eye on racial integration and harmony?

After reading the official press statement of Ahmad a part of me does believe that perhaps there is some parties that are taking advantage to purposely misinterpret what he said. But does that mean maintaining a complete ignorance of racial sensitivities should be replied with another racial ignorance? My dear Pak Lah you should above all know that two wrongs does not make one right.

Ahmad Ismail did what he was told to do but managed to state his point across clearly. But what Zainol Abidin did was immature and disrespectful. What is an excuse for such man to have complete disregard of his behaviour just because he felt tearing Koh's portrait was an apt thing to do?

In this instance Ahmad Ismail did as best to what anyone with the love of his race would have done. But I would honestly suggest that Zainol be taken action for what he did in the press conference. The situation has gone from bad to worse and just when another by election will be held in Sabah.

What respect should even MCA consider to UMNO now? If something as such can happen to Gerakan why would it be there any reason that the same will not happen to MCA? Pak Lah should realize that loosing component parties at any stage and especially this one is not an option.

For crying out loud Pak Lah...if you cant control and ensure that your dear UMNO brothers behave then what sort of leader are you? I bet you, you can't sleep on this like you have always done. UMNO needs a scapegoat~ and if not Ahmad then Zainol should be the deserving one to be taken action for his public misconduct.


Philip said...

hi, i have started a link in my blog called Malaysian Entrecarders, and have added your blog in the list. Can you link me back. Thank you.

Orang Cina

Muhammad Nazeef said...

randomly reading ure political posts here..
and damn it i hafta agree with you..
i dno much about politics and dolled-politicians..
but i know that the political awareness is very much important..

pak lah should back up
yg salah tu, salah la..