30 September, 2008

Aidilfitri means time out from politics.

The festive season is always a welcoming treat. But what better celebration other than Aidilfitri? No, no I am not inciting racist or religious sentiments here but here is the fact. With the majority of politicians in Malaysia being Malays and Muslims it should be a good time for the non-Malays to take a few days off and recalibrate their braincells.

The issues are stacked up hi and we can see in all it's glory what that needs to be solved once the holidays are over. Honestly it is not a pretty sight. We got Petrol prices on one hand, the political takeover plan of PKR and Anwar specifically as well as the troubled Blown Nuts party and UMNO's flip flop presidency.

But looking at the bigger picture....all the issues above is nothing compared with the looming world economic deck of cards that should just topple and unleash a small country like ours into further turmoil. Well we would like to think that we are largely unaffected as mentioned many times by bald corrupted politicians.

I see it as a good thing. I mean why is there not to be optimistic about? The political landscape is in the process of change and what more will help it if not for some economic pressure. Yes sure the Mat Sallehs are pulling out their funds but what this means for us is that it is a very good time for us Malaysians to start buying into local investments. What we are lacking is substantial participation in our own economy. So big or small, rich or middle class all of us should invest in something.

Yes it is more easier said than done but to those who do see the way it works it should be an uptrend once the political dust settles. So it will be after Raya when we shall see what other cock and bull drama these politicians and their parties can cook up from their leaky couldron of promises.

These politician need to do one thing from now onwards. Stop planning anything new and start to execute. We are bored of them yapping, talking and promising. For this Raya season it will be different.....table chit chat with the family will most likely consist of some form of political issues. Just remember....cutleries and food stays on the table.

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