19 September, 2008

BN is not IT savvy.

Let us gather a few interesting facts on BN in cyberpace. They have websites and blogs but it is weak. The ratio of hate articles could possibly be a thousand to one. Some just did a blog for the recent General Elections. Then thats it....its dead now.

Why the opposition has a far better command of the internet? The internet is a personal way to interact with supporters or fans. It is true, those who embrace technology the fastest will have the upper hand. For the first time in 50 years technology has never played an even more important role than it already has today.

How did we achieve Merdeka if it were not for the various activist writers and their rogue newspapers and bulletins? It is just the same concept now, the only difference it that it went paperless. The government have spent millions of tax payers money to so call implement e-government and yet they do not understand the concept.

So for as long BN relies heavily on traditional media they will only get to influence voters who do not access the internet. That is a huge audience cut which mainly are those in suburban locations. BN is loosing touch.... it is slowly getting out of date. Soon BN will be out of fashion entirely because it is simply no longer cool to vote for.

Come in the new tech savvy generation of politicians who has Facebook, Plurk, Myspace and even Friendster. They have blogs, websites, community webpages, fan pages, YouTube channels and e-newsletters. Now that is cool~ that is what 21st century politics is all about.

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