10 September, 2008

Current sentiments: Youths are thinking of moving overseas

This has been going on for awhile. Ever since last year almost every friend of mine when asked about the current state of politics and racial issues that Malaysia is facing are in fact considering to migrate overseas. Why should we now be concerned about foreign investors pulling out when the country's assets are thinking of ditching their homeland for greener and less racist pastures abroad?

As to date I have about 5 friends who have migrated to either Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Many more are planning to do so in the near future. I for one still believe there is a glimmer of hope. But if my friends can think otherwise what about the rest of Malaysian's youth?

Yes commodities are crucial for any country but what is even more important than that is the pool of local human resources. What would a country be like if a large percentage of its youths decides to flee? What about those who are already studying abroad? Those that I know says they wish not to come back given a choice.

The situation is not yet critical but it is a very worrying thought. Our education system is sad. Current economic policies are not really bright implementation wise and the political situation is simply making it worse. What are all the old farts up there are thinking?

Their words do not equate to their actions and their reactions are even worse so. If we do not realize the medium term and long term losses of the nation if this problem were to persist (god forbid) lets say another ten years then Malaysia should only be left with golden aged citizens.

Perhaps a new industry will boom. Old folks home and retiree daycare? Funded by Malaysians earning Yen, Euros, Pound Sterling and other major currencies. Yes yes....certainly "Malaysia as my retiring home" could be the next sales pitch that the desperate government might think of next.


Anucia said...

I'm planning to leave as well.
The whole Melayu/Cina/India/lain-lain thingy is just disgusting.

amane said...

Cuba masing-masing fikir sendiri la yeh, apa dah jadi dengan kerajaan sekarang? Kucar-kacir dibuatnya oleh Pak Lah tu. Rakyat mintak beliau berundur, just do it lah. Ini tak, nak tunggu tahun 2010. What more he wants??? Takde apa perubahan yang boleh dilakukan oleh Pak Lah lagi. Percayalah!!! Tidak apa lagi!!! Youngsters sekarang pun masing-masing sudah bijaksana dan arif tentang kehidupan. Mereka pun bijak jugak nak pilih kehidupan yang lebih baik. Tapi percaya lah, walau dimana pun kita mempunyai peluang kehidupan yang terbaik, Malaysia tetap no. 1. So, go to hell la to whom wanna leave Malaysia. DIMANA BUMI BERPIJAK, DISITU LANGIT KAN KU JUNJUNG.

P/s: Tun Mahathir, tolonglah UMNO. Terima kasih kerana Tun masuk campur dalam UMNO kembali... HAK KEISTIMEWAAN MELAYU SUDAH DIPERISUKAN. MEREKA LUPA PADA SEJARAH!!!!