22 September, 2008

Foreign workers should be given a short course on their rights.

I am side stepping for a moment from the political scene since we are no where moving forward about it at the moment. Let us me shed my piece of mind on the issue of foreign workers especially those worming as maids in the Malaysian households.

Yes indeed it is a very sad state that we do hear reports of ill treatment towards them. However many employers do not realize that they are committing a violation of labour laws and human rights. They don't care much for their maids but wil most definitely make noise when they are mistreated at their place of work. Funny? No it is not.

Training prior to starting work in this country is essential as households can be a very bad experience. There are those who need to multi task and often their job veers away from their main job description. Some are seen working in restaurants or food courts. Some are seen selling food b the roadside. Some even have to clean and wash for multiple family members of their employer.

I agree with some report in a local newspaper saying that they are the modern day slaves. Their passports are withheld, some go on without pay for months or even years. A fair bit are not given a day off.... they have to serve their employers at ungodly hours without being compensated.

It merely boils down to attitude. We forget that they too are human and have needs and wants. Basic rights should include proper lodging within the household, proper medical check-ups, hours or day off and other forms of incentives should also be factored in. Perhaps it is good time to introduce such laws for maids working in this country and to curb the abuse.

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