18 September, 2008

I woke up today and still in the old government.

My observations since the start of this blog has not ceased. Although there is some sort of mind shift by the people it seems BN still hold the majority. I was sincerely hoping to wake up this morning to some change. Change it did.... Kickdefella got arrested and the PM swapped portfolios with his deputy and Khairy is targeting for the top UMNO Youth post plus the RM60 million deficit that the Pahang state government is facing in the form of a lawsuit.

Still.... it is the old government. Anwar has the numbers? Well, I can cliam that I have the numbers too. Numbers of days that lapses every time I wake up and find nothing has changed in this darn country. One or two new things emerges daily but nothing that significant so to speak.

I was told by a reader to stop and smell the Hibiscus. I have my friend....every bloody day. That is one thing that I wish will never change.... the Hibiscus does not really have a smell. Yes, as boring as the politicians of this country has been for the last 20 plus odd years of my life. What else is there to smell?

UMNO has had practiced for 50 years. For that same amount of time they have developed their game plan where by in the BN coalition only the President of UMNO can become PM. Add to that the president of UMNO can simply pass the baton to whoever he pleases to succeed him. It happened too many times in a row....twice is actually enough.

Now, what is democracy? It is the right and freedom to choose who leads right? But UMNO clearly does not practice that. So where is the Democracy? We can't even choose what cable television service we want. It is like Capitalism with breast augmentation. The "Tidak Apa" attitude clearly is in perfect form here. As long as we have jobs and can feed the family what is there to complain?

Well, that is simply wrong. With such an attitude we can never move forward. With that attitude we have been stuck with the same government for generations. Also with that Malaysia is what it is today to Malaysians. Not everyone likes things the way it is but then again not many wants to live out of that comfort zone that they have enjoyed all their lives. I bet majority of these people are BN supporters or members.

If we don't like a certain law fight for it to be changed. The people are given all the power but we are still pussies. Still majority vote for an ailing ideology. Look, BN is simply an ideology....nothing more than that. It is not a system, it is not a living organism. Even the same goes to PKR....it is an ideology. If any of us do not like both then formulate one your own. No one is forced to pick sides and not spit back from the very bowls we were fed from.

It is not being ungrateful to point out the failure of an ideology. Politics is like fashion....leaders are like fashion.... if they are no longer in fancy then throw them in the bargain bin. Slap on some other cut and colour to strut in town with. What we do not lack is choices but what we do lack is cohesiveness.

That is simply why such a barbaric law such as ISA still exists. That is why we are still paying insane amounts of money for foreigners to manage our home grown multinationals. That is why we are still marking the same "Dacing" every election. What is bloody wrong with us?

So what we have our own National car? Even that enjoys some form of divine help.... crazy taxes for imported goods. Why tax imported goods? Why not push for better standards for local products? Haaa.... something fishy here right?? Yes yes...very low income tax but the buggers caught us even when we are still in diapers. Lousy mamak food also gets taxed?!!!

Whats the fuss when taxable income treshold is raised? When everything else is either expensive or of low quality? Muslims kena double tax~! One is the common tax~ then also got Zakat. Owh and even that the collection of Zakat is misused and not given to those who needs it dearly.

Spell corruption in every government institution. But still we vote for the same morons and baboons day in and day out. When we try to make a change...hah there you go....kena ISA. Ain't that good or ain't that brilliant? It is neither is if you ask me.

Open your eyes lah... the government is nothing without the people. The PM is nothing without the people... the opposition is also nothing without the people. No people there will be practically ziltch. Our choice, our needs and our wants should be met and that is the most paramount responsibility of the government. If the people complains that means that the ruling party has not been doing a good job.

If these politicians want to act and rehearse speeches then go join Akademi Fantasia. If politicians wants to swindle the country's riches then just go rob banks. If politicians wants to pick on races and religion then go to the US. We Malaysians don't deserve any of you or your cohorts.

Do you want to wake up to the same old corrupted deviated government? I certainly don't want to. And if ever PKR takes over....they better deliver and not sellout the country's riches to some foreign scum. We have heard the talk Anwar....now you better walk it.

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