21 September, 2008

ISA run by Internal Security Arseholes

I am wondering one fact.... why did Teressa Kok says she was given bad food and blogger Kickdefella did not complain of it and infact mentioned that he was treated rather well. It strikes me as odd but was there really prejudice against Teressa?

Held in a 6 by 8 cell is really like being in a grave plot. In a standard Muslim grave plot it is half that. So it is more or less a bit smaller than an average storeroom at home. The BAR has unanimously agreed to the abolishment of ISA which Mr. PR Albar says it will stay for the time being.

How long more is that time being could be an idiots guess. But an educated one would be for a long time more to come. For us Malaysians, we have more than long enough put up with this infamous ISA. Of course it is not like thousands have been detained under it without trial but the though of it disgust a modern civilization.

How many times do we hear the saying "Prevention is better than cure"? But ISA is not a law that inhibits that trait. It is to prevent after prevention has failed. Sounds redundant right? Yes it is...that is why many call it Draconian. It is where idiots rule and having a clown to explain it to the public adds a cherry to the cake.

Sometimes laws are stupid. Sometimes laws are obsolete and most times laws are implemented wrongly. ISA is a law that defeats law.....which practically means injustice especially when courts are suppose to give the verdict. For a law to defeat the court it is simply showing there is the power besides God that is above the law. How can this happen in Democracy is any idiot's educated guess.

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