15 September, 2008

Lets offer boxes to Pak Lah.

With clear indication that Pak Lah is loosing favour many are lining up to take his seat. Well he is indeed living on prime real estate. PKR is definitely favours the precarious position that Pak Lah is in and Anwar might start too drool a bit. What a sweeter pre-raya gift can he ask for?

A minister has resigned amidst the tension rising from again the use of ISA as a political tactic. But take Ismail Ahmad for example, he got a way with just a 3 years suspension. Then take those who are on the opposition's side.... they are arrested under ISA. Hmmmm.... associations make all the difference.

Well to those who has just moved houses and all the sundry shops I suggest you not to dispose of all your paper boxes. Instead just collect them together and deliver it to the PM's official residence. It would also be kind of you to also write his and his wife's name on it too. Because when they pack it will definitely be in such a hurry.

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Cheeky_me said...

I rather send those boxes to recycle center than giving them to him! I dont have such a big box to let him SLEEP in it!!