18 September, 2008

Not confident in no confidence.

Dare I say this. There is a flaw in Anwar's tactics. For one thing he claims that the current state of economy is really bad. Well, it is not bad but it is starting to be bad. True that in any country, a shift in politics will always result in anxiety to it's people and the investors.

What is very important is definitely to maintain peace and order. My question is why is PKR pushing it? Why not wait till after the festive season and not ruin the jolly spirit. For one holding political gatherings of mass proportions is certainly not the Muslim way in Ramadhan.

Pak Lah's cool so far has got me thinking... is there a scheme of things here that the opposition can't see? For all that Anwar have said and claim to have we still have yet to see it. Where are the defectors in question?

I have too remembered that Anwar is at his best in front of a mass crowd delivering his speech. But how long can we go on listening to him claiming he has this or that? Now, the build has been done.... the no confidence motion has been put to a halt at least until the festive season is over. So what is next?

For whatever that happens after this lets hope it wont be a case of running away from the crocodile and straight into the lion's mouth. If that happens then we have only ourselves to blame.

There is an official warning out. Do not speculate on the current state of politics. Honestly speculation is always coffee table chat... but now that coffee table chat has ventured into the world wide web. So to be on the safe side this blog would cease to lay any predictions on what is to become of this country. Besides, Aidilfitri is coming and there is no point in spoiling everyone's mood just because of politics.

Let us all just sit back and enjoy the drama that unfolds between politicians and their loyal supporters. The possibility right now is infinite....it could go either way. So for the final leg of Ramadhan I will take a sabbatical on politics and concentrate more on the Malaysian social aspects of life. It is equally interesting trust me and far more educational than the current state of politics.

We shall see what happens after Raya. Would it be the same old thing or not?

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