18 September, 2008

NST should stop publishing stories on Nurin's family.

I have one word for NST. STUPID. The family is already in grief and for a second year running there is yet again an article on Nurin. What the F**K la? Dey editor, no more better stories to put up ka? Are Malaysians a depressing bunch?

Many other families lost their loved ones through many other horrid experiences but are they making much noise and get their pictures published in the news? No right? So why Nurin's then? Really I am sick and tired of coming across such depressing images and reports. For once can't there be some happy news?

Leave that family alone. Or pick on your own family for a change, see if they like it. It is sick feeding on the depression and grief of others just to sell your stupid newspaper. Get a life lah NST~!

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