04 September, 2008

Pak Lah keeps a straight face.

In the bid to hold his plush seat at least till mid 2010, Pak Lah quickly nullify the probability that Anwar would become PM someday. "We have a strong government" so he says. His Mejesty the Yang di Pertuan Agong is said to be alright with how things are going. Well, just like Anwar...Pak Lah can say whatever he wants too and still change his mind at the eleventh hour.

Ahmad Ismail's remark did not do any good favour. Najib even had to apoligies on a minion's behalf. Old dogs are stubborn they say... You can't teach them new tricks. As 16th of September I am anxiously waiting to see what happens. Would there be the "Great Political Crossing" or would there be a great silence from the opposition when it does not happen.

Well, as for Anwar to resort to tactics that are undemocratic it is however the great fulcrum of his strategy. It might be a bad slingshot back at him if nothing but a whisper happens. Blown Nuts might blow out in laughter. What will Anwar do if the fated date does not meet expectations. Would be a V for Vendetta scene? Supporters of Anwar will come out in droves wearing a mask of him.

That would be interesting and scary. On another side the video evidence of Pak Lah and Najib misusing their powers for the benefit of their electoral campaign has been submitted to the ACA. This was in response to an open letter by a seasoned UMNO member. However there has not been any action taken by the Blown Nuts secretary thus the next course of action is to see that the ACA get a hand in it. Perhaps more light can be shed on this. And perhaps we can shed more useless corrupted politicians.

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