16 September, 2008

PKR is on course to take over. Will BN, UMNO and Pak Lah survive?

Just look at that~!!! The image from Malaysia Kini reveals to us that PKR is mighty and has loads of support. 20 thousand strong attended this event to commemorate celebrations of 16th September. But what is more important is that the announcement that Anwar made.

"We have the numbers"

Of course a government can't be swapped over night but anyway how apparent it is I have to say it is a different scene entirely as compared to Anwar's first attempt before he was sent to jail. Is this learning through mistakes? I suppose so.

How far is all of this is true will be known in the next few weeks. What Pak Lah will find on his desk won't go down well with his Sahur. But he would undeniably state that the numbers are all not true and it is all a hoax. Denial?

As for Anwar and PKR, I do not entirely support his tactics but at the time and light of things I suppose to wait for the next General Elections is too long to wait. It would be better to catch Pak Lah's pants down right after a victory.

But my serious question is.... how much would it effect our current state of economy? How much would it give confidence to the public service to serve under PKR? Lastly, When and if the time comes for a transition of government would BN and UMNO accept their fate and bow out in a gentlemanly manner?

We know how dirty bitter politicians can be. We know there are the corrupt few who loves the grace of BN. We know there are many businesses that grew and profited through generous political contributions and favours. The tides shall turn sooner or later to the side with the most support. But can PKR really deliver as promised and not compromise the economy?

With change comes uncertainty. Many are not comfortable with that. So, with that when the time comes and matters most can all of us work together? Can all BN component parties swap sides in parliament and get comfy on the opposition's for the first time? Can PKR not get distracted from what they have promised versus their new found powers? Only time will tell Malaysia...Only time will tell.

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Antares said...

Take my advice, Achmed, take time out to smell the hibiscus and rejuvenate your perceptions, lest you be called a senescent commentator.

The rakyat has awakened like a sleeping giant, and Umno/BN has become an incredible shrinking gang of low-class hoodlums.

Hidup Malaysia post-BN!!! :-)