24 September, 2008

PKR takes a step back and BN tries to lure with 10 sen.

Who is the fool now? To some extent BN calls Anwar a bluff might be true. But the swap of ministerial portfolios may just as well be the start of doom for BN. Lets get this right on for a start.

Najib's 15 years of experience in the Defense Ministry will not be enough to grasp the gravities that our economy has suffered since Pak Lah took over as PM. Thus being the new Minister of Finance might prove to be a litmus test for Najib but it will be at the cost of the economy and the rakyat specifically.

This particular portfolio does entail a whirlwind of issues. Currently the worry that the US market is causing us has taken its first casualty as inflation rise to its highest since 27 years. Inflation as when I heard it the first time in 1997 while I was still in school was the word to understand then. But it is in fact a much more complicated matter then the man by the street can ever understand.

Now, Anwar's promise might as well be a bluff as BN so vehemently states. But Anwar is the man to fear of not only one man but a component built party so amiably called BN. Literally translated Barisan National means the Nationalist Front. How many would beg to differ today that BN's use of the word Nationalist is just a cover-up. I suspect many.

Just before Aidilfitri the BN government announced that prices of petrol and diesel will drop 10 sen a liter. That is certainly welcoming news but how long can the zest of the 10 sen drop curtail the demands for change in the Draconian Hero system? A week? Perhaps two to the most. Then everything is back to the same aftertaste again.

I doubt the rakyat would complain that much if the standards and per capita income of households increases somewhat a bit faster then the price rise of food and other essentials. Not only that but a few National core systems needs to be changed to muster a comeback for BN.

There is the fault of an education system that is inadequate and backward. Many law abiding citizens and those who practice law in this country finds that Malaysia should make do without Communist deterrent laws such as the ISA. The Official Secrets Law too has many up in arms. The claims to be a transparent government has never taken off. Words like favoritism and cronyism are most often associated with the Malaysia's economic power domes.

Special Malay Rights are too being challenged as a mojority of the minor races see red over their rights as citizens that they seem to share in common with their Malay friends. Education and the spread of government projects will forever be questioned. Other sensitive issues used by certain parties to insult and poke instability concerns religion. Which in my humble opinion should be mandated in the law and be precise in its jurisdiction and enforcement.

Politics has taken what we have lived with everyday as a tool to justify ones power over the other. Deceptions, lies and taunts makes us seem like idiots while the Reformist versus the Draconian Heroes. Where is the monarchy in all of this? They lay in silence observing and perhaps hoping that they do not have to intervene. So has the army been very dormant.

If by any fact that chaos were to break the silence then the common laws will no longer apply and we as the rakyat will loose all our rights. Let us not loose perspective in this. The path in front of us is not a short one so it will undoubtedly be very lonely if we set out to do everything alone.

It is apparent that there are two sides to pick from~ but what we have forgotten is that we have ourselves to choose too. So we are not only limited by PKR or BN. We have all of us Malaysians. If both BN and PKR does not carry the majority of the ideals that we so dream of why should we go for any of them?

We should not be happy just because we can still keep our day jobs and feed the family but we should also strive to better everything that we have and if by sticking to either PKR or BN does not seem to inch forward for a dream nation I say we could do without both.

Do not be fooled into thinking 2 lies makes the other true. BN and PKR might just be lying all the while and it is only greed that fuels them to this day. Both are not angels that come to save us from this steep world economy or make us live peacefully. One has a downward trend while another has a mix match of identities and virtues.

Remember, there is always two sides to the 10 sen coin and there is only one asshole that will be raped at the end of all this should everything go terribly wrong. It is our asses, our collection of 10 sen coins and our sanity of religion and civil rights that will be robbed should we make that dire mistake. We still have the next general elections.... we still have the power as Malaysians. Do not let these political bandits and pigs rob us of that.

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