26 September, 2008

Push comes the shove Pak Lah will leave.

No denying now that all eyes are on UMNO and specifically Pak Lah. But giving no clear indication when he might step down many are speculating that it will be much sooner than 2010. Well, perhaps the ousting of Pak Lah will be as a Party President and not anything else. I bet many would love to see that, especially the opposition.

What lies ahead will perhaps be a turning point in Malaysian Politics. Besides which other party have ever had such controversy as big as UMNO? No other party comes close. Now the contenders are definitely lining up to rally enough support for their nominations. They now have even more time to convince more divisions to choose them.

It might not be a good thing for the opposition now as a the probability now hangs in BN's court with UMNO having the tie-breaker. Lets see who comes up triumphs in this battle of the titans. Pak Lah is entering bruised alrady and those taking that opportunity are the likes of Ku Li, Muhyiddin and Najib. Friends are now becoming foes and that is how politics flows.

So no worries then, Pak Lah will leave and someone else shall take his place. The question is who? A veteran Ku Li? A thirsty Muhyiddin? Or perhaps the finger crossed Najib? Who will be the most favourite poster boy this time? If you ask me I don't like Najib. The other two I might consider though. However that still does not change much once Pak Lah leaves office.

Will Malay Supremacy still reign as the main UMNO agenda? Yes it will or else it wont be called UMNO. Will there always be provision based on racial politics? Yes there will be for as long as UMNO hold the numbers. Will our economy be monopolized by cronies? Of course for as along MCA, MIC and UMNO shake hands and cross fingers together.

So it really does not change much if UMNO presidents changes every year or everyday for that matter. It is forever enshrined in their menifesto. What we can do is sit and wait for the next General Elections or go out there and join PKR. They are not proven but heck...it's the best we got thus far.

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