07 September, 2008

Ready, Aim, Fire~! UiTM gets more heat.

I have been writing on UiTM on and off since the early birth of this blog. I have never stopped to just write on what I feel is wrong and point out the obvious. Many readers of mine a dormant. They don't leave comments but to those who I actually have met or chat with online agree that I do have some points stark true. Hey, opinions needn't be perfect nor it is wrong or right. The point is that sharing and exchange of opinions.

Well, I did a Google search on the key phrase of "UiTM" and have it sent to me everyday to my e-mail. And I know how many Bumi's who were UiTM educated think that the varsity is a total farce, especially now. Now what I wrote before on UiTM has been claimed seditious by its administration especially the part of name calling it's VC. Yeah, so I called him a Fat Pirate. He spoke about it in his speeches to students and various seminars he was invited to. Apparently trying so much to laugh it off and moot the idea that there are some students of UiTM that are ungreatful.

Anyway, since the odd couple of hundreds of UiTM's students took to the streets in Shah Alam who seem to appose to whatever thing that the Selangor Menteri Besar suggested the heat has been turned on by the celebrity VC himself. Come on, the students did not march from the main campus all the way to Section 14 in Shah Alam. They rode a UiTM bus and just leisurely walked less than 1km to the venue of the protest. Definitely on Malaysian tax payer's expense for the diesel.

Now the tide is coming in where other bloggers who I suppose are not Malays making a dig on the infamous mustached VC of UiTM. Since everything is conveniently on the net these days they came up with practically how the VC got to where he is or at least where he came from. The credentials are mostly filled with two things.... either UiTM based or UMNO based. Tsk tsk tsk....how can you not expect some people making cheap shots at you?

Now on to something called BTN which stands for Biro Tata Negara. Yes, I have been to one too many camps with my fellow course mates for so called team building and leadership training. I have to admit that what was claimed by certain people and publicized online through blogs are very true. Shocking? Really? It was not a surprise to me. In fact any speech, talk or program that has nothing to do with religion held in or organized by UiTM either with or without the presence of BTN officers are racially tinged. Just the degree of ridiculous racist sentiment varies.

So what can be expected when other Malaysians who are not Bumi privileged starts taking shots at UiTM? Why should they not have the right to complain? It is their tax money too. The average budget allocated for running and development of UiTM rival that of Malaysia's smaller states. Now take that in context that it is only for the hundred of thousands of students enrolled per year.... that is a lot of money spent per Bumiputra child's higher education subsidized by your friendly non-Bumi neighbour.

Yet, there can be no guarantee that all graduates can converse fluently in English. Yet there can be no such official report on how much vice the students of UiTM cook up every semester. Yet one can see students arriving in German automotive excellence in UiTM. Such unfairness is apparent. I would certainly implore NGOs or other private institution students have a field trip to see the vast facilities that their parents too have paid but they can never touch or experience. Sad it certainly is.

However, let us not put the blame on the young mind that are studying there. I, my self had no idea how "good" the experience was going to be yet I decided to take whatever actions within my own means to shed some light on what actually goes on in a mono-ethnic institute of higher learning. I got into trouble yes but almost 2 years down the line and without a degree I do get around earning a graduate's pay and not working with a government linked firm.

In case some Malay parents start to worry (there are some Malays who do not approve of the government and UMNO) that their kids are being fed racial extremist ideologies, it is up to you to educate them since young to not be partial to other races. Regardless of what BTN, UiTM or the whole doctrine forces into your child's mind, parents still largely influences on how a young mind thinks and reacts.

As for UiTM, the students have to start thinking what lies outside those campus fencing. I am happy to see that many students have taken up blogging to fill their time as well as finding it very inspirational in contributing ideas towards their education. The lecturers are not all bad just the minority of them who a politically motivated too well for their own rice bowl. I know a few of them that I sincerely respect and admire their perseverance in carrying out their noble duty to educate, trust me it is not that easy to do.

As for the politicians (this includes administrators and lecturers of UiTM who are politically motivated), that meddle with the minds of future Malaysian leaders, they are the ones that should be blamed and eradicated. Do not blame the system, it does not have a mind of it's own but instead blame makers and implementers of it. They who we have entrusted with the responsibility to build a truly happy and successful nation have instead took it all for themselves and forgot the actual meaning of Nationalism and being patriotic.

It is not only "Melayu Mudah Lupa" but we have done our share of errors and forgetfulness as well. Isn't it a ripe time for us to correct it and give the younger generation a better, cleaner start?

Just for your further reference I have included various articles from blogs that prompted me to write this extremely long post. My apologies if it was an entire waste of your time in reading this and Thank You.

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