04 September, 2008

Should September 16th be celebrated? My reason as why it is not important.

It's a very tall order. Anwar wants to call his own holidays now. However the obstacle is still there. BN will at all cost hold on to its ground and not loose anything more. It seems even holidays can be politicized. What has this country come to?

Malaysia as we know it today was formed on the said date. But the struggle to change from Malaya to Malaysia was not as tough as fighting for Merdeka. Yes indeed it is acknowledgment to Sabah and Sarawak for joining the Malay States but is it worth the call to have a national Holiday?

This is totally ridiculous. What has gone through the heads of politicians lately? Savage thirst of power and more power. First celebrating Merdeka as it is now is totally fine. Besides it is not like Sabah and Sarawak are left out of it. Calling us Malaysians need not be celebrated but instead should be inculcated in our daily lives.

The call for being Malaysians is far more important than celebrating the formation of Malaysia. It is just a piece of paper...nothing more. But what makes it happen is us. For as long as we call ourselves Malaysians and not label races like the Americans do (White Americans, Asian American, African American) the belief and ideology will stand the test of time.

I urge fellow Malaysians not to be easily emotional over such a call for celebration. Be it Merdeka or the formation of Malaysia, it is what we learn from it that counts and not mere flashing lights and chants. All of that is just things that can be taken away by those who are in power. But the Malaysian in us can never disappear for as long as each of us believe in it.


moo_t said...

My dear, you need to read more history with a clear mind.

Malaysia will NOT call Malaysia without Sabah, Sarawak. It is POLITICS intention that suppress September 16. To Make September 16 a holiday is just merely a process to rediscover the history.

Helen said...

"The call for being Malaysians is far more important than celebrating the formation of Malaysia"

It's like the chicken and egg dilemma. Which comes first?

IMHO, whether 916 is worthy to be celebrated with a holiday is directly in proportion to how much we value the participation of Sabah & Sarawak. It should be a non-issue had it not been brought up at this time, 45 years late and by Anwar.

HariL said...

Lets say, Sabah achieved independence on its own, on Aug 17th. 1957.

Sarawak, achieved theirs, on 24th. Aug 1957.

And, Malaya, 31st. Aug 1957.

This three plus S'pore, formed Malaysia on 16th Sept. 1963, as it is now.

So, what date to celebrate Merdeka ?

If, 916 is not so big deal, why create a new country with the name of MALAYSIA?

Why didn't just stick to Malaya?

Anonymous said...

The point is not so much about Anwar using Sept 16 as his political gimmick, like what Helen said, which is 45 years too late. And it's not about the people being hungry for a 'correct' national holiday (we have many holidays as it is now). Or another Merdeka celebration for that matter. I still remember in the early 1980s, Sarawak (don't know about Sabah) celebrated 'Malaysia Day' on Sept 16 and we had a holiday then. Suddenly, this isn't practiced anymore although it's still stated 'Malaysia Day' on the Sarawak Almanac.

No, I think the whole issue here is about wiping out our identities as Malaysians..subtly. And for you to say that the struggle to achieve Malaya's independence in 1957 was tougher than the formation of Malaysia in 1963. I must say this is an almost arrogant statement, whether you were conscious of it. But I understand. Our 'buku sejarah' never went beyond the Rentaps, the Tun Jugahs or Mat Salehs of Sarawak and Sabah. It was as if those buggers were the only 'pejuang' we have, and since the recorded instances of killings, bloodsheds, etc. were not highlighted, Sarawak and Sabah were merely seen as lesser partners in the formation of Malaysian (because lacking the struggle that their brothers and sisters go through in Malaya?). In fact, let me tell you that Sarawak (sorry, can't speak for Sabah) has battled from the very beginning of colonialism: Brunei Sultanate, the Brooke family, Japanese occupation, British colonialism and now, Malaysia? Okay, so we don't really hold grudges against the ignorant these days. But do not forget, the blood that we Sarawakians and Sabahans shed for the sake of forming Malaysia was as..how can I say this..as 'dramatic' as you guys in Malaya.

The failure to remember Sept 16 is a quiet albeit lethal way to silently kill our memories: memories of our struggle to form this country called Malaysia and memories of our cultural diversity and histories that made us Malaysians.

Our histories were wiped out while the histories of Malaya dominated our history book, thus the minds of our future generations. And despite all that, we fight hard even today to become Malaysians. And now, you think Sept 16 isn't important?

p/s: Anwar, we've always known this date and we don't need you to remind us of it just for the sake of your political interests. You have visited Sarawak countless times since your release and that's the only thing that you can come up with? Sept 16? Change of government? Celebration of Malaysia? You, Anwar, PR and those BN retards are not Malaysia. WE ARE MALAYSIA. WE ARE THE MALAYSIANS!