23 September, 2008

Supreme Council blurts a snitch.

Haa haa haa.... Sorry lah Mat Taib but as an UMNO Information Chief it is not only your job to get intelligence (not that you are that bright) but also to know how and what must not be let slip to the open. Simply shows that you are not really doing a good job. At least you do follow the script as it is this time around as compared to your previous statements to the press which left your credibility in very much dubious position.

Who is the snitch?? Hard to say isn't it? No matter, the thing is even if the whole of UMNO Penang is behind Pak Lah it is just not good enough. Think of it this way... leaders may represent a majority but bear in mind that come party nominations and elections individual votes makes a lot of difference.

Any division can now pledge whatever they like to Pak Lah and Najib today. But what about tomorrow? How sure are you that each UMNO member will make the votes count and the transition plan go about as planned? Trying to convince of fixing the party's leadership vote before nomination is not democratic and in my opinion is the mark of a coward trying somewhat cover up the foul stench that is left behind.

Be a dignified party please. Do not make your grass roots members look like they are idiots. Mind you everyone has their own take on what and how should UMNO be like. If your version now is not to their liking they can either quit the party or rally good support and fight. Remember.... you are supreme because of your normal members. Now stop inviting them for Buka Puasa at your house~ feeding them food from your kitchen is still a form of bribery.

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