18 September, 2008

The upside down flag or an upside down Pak Lah?

I have always wondered on what should a mere socio political blogger be detained under ISA? If he did suggest that the National Flag be hung upside down then what much of a difference did that kid who sampled Negaraku into a rap song? Why was he not hauled in?

But no, apparently it is of different issues entirely. No doubt to suggest to fly your national flag upside down is not a funny issue but under ISA? Nonsense~ besides an upside down flag what else could be at stake? Wearing the flag and folding it wrongly is already a form of disrespect, why not just haul every single one of those at the recent national day parade in to the nearest lock-up?

Anwar has made demands on behalf of PKR. Now more important than just an upside down flag is Pah Lah might just go upside down....perhaps with all of BN in tow. Now that would certainly be fun to watch. Pak Lah can't ignore the demands for a no confidence vote in parliament. If he does then it shows that he is either in serious denial which could spark revolt by his own party supporters or he is more than deaf and dumb and mute.

If Pak Lah so wishes to have a slow and steady plan of retirement then he should have not even picked up the PM post when handed to him. He should have honestly said "I am sorry, but I will sleep on the job if I accept." Enough la Pak Lah....just make the the emergency house session happen. If it swing into your ball park then it is good. If it does not....then pack and just leave la. A good leader knows when his time is up.

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