15 September, 2008

Was it a rsignation letter or an application for a holiday?

I didn't know a resignation letter can become an application of leave. But in Pak Lah's eyes that should have been it. Zaid Ibrahim tendered his resignation from his ministerial post only to be granted with a 2 weeks leave.

I don't really like the idea that some bloggers call the PM a flip flopper but this has to be the issue that changes my mind entirely. However I would truly understand Pak Lah's position. He is already uncomfortable with so much flak drawn against him and he can't afford that his cabinet members even think of resigning.

The police have explained why they acted under provision of the ISA which in my opinion was simply a bad explanation. Come on, how can you ask the people to trust you when your actions does not make sense? Just like a pair of flip flops...it flips then it flops back into your face.

So, a minister gets an early Aidilfitri holiday while an MP gets detained in a storeroom and fed with food giving her the spurts. I wonder how else can justice be served? The definition has been flipped beyond comprehension and all I can think of is to tap my head in disgust.

Pak Lah should come out of the closet and make a public statement. If he does not want certain parties to misinterpret his actions and decisions, please have the balls in explaining to the people personally and not to his high council UMNO members and his cabinet alone. Currently the tactics is simply too slow and gives the opposition the upper hand.

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