31 October, 2008

PM owns up for chopper deal in the few months he has left.

It is a commendable thing that he did. Admitting a mistake on the quoted estimated price of the Eurocopters was a wise if not beneficial personally for him to do. But I figure as much that now the Opposition will be very trigger happy on all those involved in making the decision of the purchase which has been already shelved for the time being.

Now what lies ahead for us to pay attention to is how much more precious time will be spent on debating on something which has been aborted. Suffice to say the billions that was supposedly to be used for the Eurocopters are now going to be channeled to wards projects that will benefit the rakyat.

It certainly will be a smart move if the opposition will now concentrate on inquiring exactly on where will that money be spent instead of firing shells to a shelved project. I would rather suggest an investigation committee be set up just for this purpose rather than waste precious time of parliament on digging the matter. 

It is proven that the government made a grave error in their system of doing things that puts a big question mark on their integrity. That should already be enough for the rakyat to judge and come to a conclusion. I say move on to the next important issue in hand and not waste resources any further on mulling over one thing. I question the efficiency of both the government and the oppositions when it comes to precious debating and resolution time.

Parliament time is the rakyats tax money.

28 October, 2008

Datukship to Shah Rukh is just in time with Air Asia's plans.

Coincidence or just sheer luck that one plan will succeed the other? Shah Rukh Khan may be the gaga here but from where he is he is a dimming star. Old age perhaps and he no longer really looks cute on screen. But honestly what is wrong to confer him a Datukship? Plus it is just from Melaka a sultan-less state.

What brings meaning to all this? A good investment or a dud? It seems to be just the perfect logic when the fastest liquid way to get foreign money flowing into this country is through tourism. It is a cash business and is worth tens of billion annually.

Perhaps Shah Rukh Khan is a better person to give rather than those coffee shop datuks and their "Duit Kopi" Datukships aspirations. Perhaps Jessica Alba is not too bad an idea to be given one too. Heck why not even the F1 drivers of the BMW Petronas Team and our A1 series drivers. All have somehow brought Malaysia into the limelight as exciting vacation locations in the world.

Air Asia will be raking in the most of it since it will very soon plot its way through across Indian cities to bring all the people there to come and experience Malaysia. Datukship is just a small title to give as compared to the benefits. I feel it is too common a title already.... as common as coconuts I bet.

27 October, 2008

10 released on bail on good faith or buying support?

There are many ways to peel an apple they say. Being a skeptic perhaps is my greatest flaw but just bare with me here a moment. RM1000 bail each for the 10 Hindraf members just so they can celebrate Deepavali. Such generosity should be thanked. Well, perhaps almost.

Not to mean that I am accusing anyone to have ulterior motives but perhaps it was more a political move more than being compassionate which was carried out with a bit of skepticism in the first place. The fear of many other Malaysian Indian groups out there who might apply more pressure to the already jittery government could have prompted for the release (on bail) to the 10 detained under remand orders which I assume would normally be extended.

So they were not detained under ISA, but no less the fact that the group of people that wanted to hand the handwritten letter of a child was not a wise move in the first place should prompt the activist into thinking further before they act. In this case I say both sides made their mistake squarely. One was the 10 odd individuals had the cunning brains to use a child as leverage to get to the PM. Perhaps the PM refuses to entertain such guests but why use the child? Act of desperation? Or to make the PM look bad?

The authorities also really did not use their brains when arresting all of them and mind you that include a little girl being forced to spend the night in the lock-up together with her mother who refuses to leave her "friends" behind. At least the girl could have been put into saperate custody until she was handed to relatives or until her mother was released.

I do question the gumption of adults sometimes which under such circumstances is not acceptable by any standards. So they have been released on bail and just to show that how good the government is they impose a RM1000 bail on each of them in one surety. Absolutely fabulous with full sarcasm intended. Why not half that bail since it is the festive spirit here we are talking about? Perhaps that is the minimum already...I wouldn't know.

Whatever it is I do support that such activities by such a group like Hindraf should be curbed but do use common sense. Never detain a child along with the adults no matter what the case is. For the authorities to haul the people to the lockup just because they want to deliver a letter is really a foolish move. For one obviously many would criticize the arrests made. It could have been easier on the paper work to just accept the letter and everyone could just go home without much of a fuss.

Well, if a bunch of UiTM students in the amount of far more than 10 can march and hand over a petition can be accepted than why not just a letter from 10 people and a child? Or is it because the motives have nothing to do with Malay rights that such treatment is necessary? But yeah such ego does the authorities have that an apology will only come when the end of the world is tomorrow. Law and order cant be served with political intentions but instead with commonsense and humility. Otherwise there is nothing much to be respected.

25 October, 2008

Why do you think Pak Lah refuses to allow the ISA debate in parliament?

This is a no brainer question isn't it? A million and one hands and reasons to answer this question. But really why shouldn't it be allowed? We can speculate till the ends of time on this and the truth will still remain hidden. But why the pressure about ISA?

Over the many years that this law has been practiced it has seen many names scribbled on its in and out roster. As to date there should be about 60+ people not surprising that they are all males who are placed in Kamunting Detention Camp. Not to mention there are foreigners detained as well.

By letting all these people free and perhaps just a refurbishment of the ISA  would it be detrimental to the country's stability? Perhaps, maybe...but what kind of stability are we referring to? Economic? Political? Social? Those the majority who has done wrong or perhaps even worse things are very much on the loose.

If there are those that need to be detained by all means they should be charged proper in court and have their arrest substantiated with evidence. Pride of talk that Malaysia is a Muslim Nation is not justified. For by law and practice and governance we follow not even half of what other Islamic Nations does. Sin taxes is a clear indication that even Muslims in this country benefit from the tax collections from the sale of alcohol.

Back to the topic, why the refusal to debate the issue in parliament? He is obviously going out of the act...so perhaps some assurance that those who thinks of getting back at him will think twice? What offence is greater than being an incapable  and corrupt leader? Being a terrorist? Or a deviant religous cult?

Substantiate the absorbtion of corruption into the system that governs a country and the cronyism that looms behind every tail of a politician, Isn't that much more dangerous than those detained under the ISA today? What these powers that be fail to see is that they are all too human as well and are susceptible to the query of the people. But the chain of balance has been broken a long time ago and thus many forget the power is not theirs.

The taint of greed runs deep in their veins and is thicker than blood. For whatever it takes they wont want to let it go thus a law like the ISA proves to be the perfect tool to deter those who appose. To these bunch what is fair to them is what is profitable to them. They want to live rich for generations, be the apple of the eye to the public, be hailed as gods in the modern world.

True as Tun M said "Melayu mudah lupa" which in turn slaps back at him square. Now that system they built for themselves lives on to future leaders to use at their discretion and that snowballs into what it is today. It is not a problem, it is an epidemic that has no medical cure.

Perhaps if we work for the abolishment of the Draconian law today the results definitely wont be anytime soon. But by doing it now we can somehow guarentee some hope. The current crop of leaders have to go and drastic reforms like what PKR seeks may not be the answer. A slow and painful gradual process would seem likely at a point when it materializes at least our children will benefit from.

Did UiTM students really had a protest over a Movie?

From what I know "The Great Debaters" starring Danzel Washington is not released in Malaysian cinemas. I have watched the movie yes on pirated DVD (no I did not purchase it) and it was a brilliant movie.

A blog titled "The Malayan Times" reported that UiTM students organized a protest against the movie being screened. Now, how to protest if the Movie is not screened here?

There are the type of people behind such a blog that publishes false reports to further raise tension. I wonder for whose advantage it is.... a possible clue is that from the site meter at the bottom if you hover over it the link displays a username "joemaniam".

Would UiTM pursue such a case to the authorities?

Click for larger image...

24 October, 2008

Hindraf should stop using the child. It is pathetic.

It is already illegal yet they pursue their motives which such strategy. It is not once Hindraf have tried but many times and it is to no avail. Should they be smart enough to know that the strategy that they are using is not working at all? On top of that on 2 occasions now they have made a child embroiled in their "adult" issues.

I sympathize Hindraf and the vision it has. But dont you think they are an immature bunch? Using a kid as leverage to gain sympathy is not the way to do things at all if not only a shameful act. How could a six year old possibly write a letter with such requests if not under the influence of elders?

I must say that to me the use of the girl in gaining sympathy and in such a manner is in violation of Children's Rights. Children are not at all meant to be susceptible to the shenanigans that adults indulge in. Politics is one of them. Isn't it enough already that Hindraf is illegal? The whole lot wants to be arrested under ISA too? They are not fighting it smart. Calling them stupid is too nice a thing to say.

Whatever it is the child was not meant to even take part in any of Hindraf's activities let alone be hauled by the authorities just because her mother was one of those detained. I pity the child that the adults around her is not responsible and are selfish towards their own gains.

23 October, 2008

Karpal and his disability cost him.

No offence to the disabled at all. Karpal who is as much as we all know is a very prominant lawyer with a good string of high profile cases under his belt. Perhaps the most few successful lawyers in this country so to speak. Many times we heard him speak and when he does so I at many time really admire his English. But today was a different story altogether. This one I wish to forget. As a Lawyer he is good but for an MP now he disgusts me to a certain point.

Cry foul over whatever other MPs say and the terms and double meanings they use. But to pull in the chairman speaker of Parliament is above all else uncalled for. 2 days bar from the house in my opinion is somewhat too kind a gesture. Yes it may serve as a lesson to other MPs but I suspect it will be short lived. Trust me it will all go back to square one.

As a practicing lawyer Karpal has shamed the profession he practices and earn a living. Paying complete disregard to the house where laws are passed is a despicable act. Furthermore I suspect that the televised session of parliament is being used by certain quarters to expose incompetencies of various political targets whose acts we obviously find immature and and senseless.

I am tired of such antiques by grown men and women who were chosen to represent the people to the government. To those who take the opportunity to poke and prod unimportant things and play mind games, you are just making a fool of yourselves and I bet you do not even realize it. The lashing tongues and skillful play of words to incite hatred and belittle the constitution undermines the efforts to keep things peaceful. If you cant be mediators and professional representatives then I suggest you vacate the comfy bench for someone else who is more serious in what they do.

22 October, 2008

For obvious reasons the government dont care about press freedom and freedom of speech.

Mention New Strait Times and Utusan we have visions of pro-government reporting. Mention Socio Political Bloggers like Rocky Bru, RPK, Penarik Beca, Kickdafella and perhaps hundreds more automatically the image portrayed would be if not anti-government then it is pro-opposition. Mind you even the term used in news reports "Bloggers" is indefinitely wrong. There is a difference between a Socio Political Blogger and the general term Blogger. Morons to them who thinks they are the same thing.

For obvious reasons Malaysia has slipped ranks in terms of Press Freedom and god knows what else. But do you think they really care? Is there even a tinge of conscience? I bet you for all the Rakyat's Eurocopter Ringgits that there is none what so ever. The ruling government is somewhat like a Soprano. Yes, you get me.... that famous New Jersey Mafia Family mini-series.

What is there to be surprised about? Look at all the leadership traits UMNO shares with the American Italian Mob. There is no call for vote on who gets to become the successor. Everyone needs to kiss the fat ring of the the Don and god knows some rats asses too to get what they want. Well of course the big chunk of the pie goes to the Don and the rest to the capos. Do I sound unsatisfied? Well my amiable readers....I am well beyond that for a good couple of months now.

Malaysia Kini issued their apology and yes Najib accepted it. Good for both sides but what about Berita Harian? A recent comment on my previous post got me thinking. If RPK got hauled to the police station on the accusation of certain remarks that dishonoured the Agong then what is difference in what Berita Harian did? Perhaps the mindset that if a state is ruled by the opposition then who gives a damn about apologizing to the Sultan of that state. I am not born in the state of Kelantan but still I resent what Berita Harian did.

Not only our country has forced moderated Press Freedom and Freedom of speech is only cocooned within the permissible boundaries of cock sucking the powers that be and make those who appose look like cunts on a pitchfork. If anyone dreams of more freedom well may I suggest head to the desolate lands of the some African country which there people would happily murder anyone just for 60 sen. Otherwise we have just need to be a bit more patient.

Patience is a commodity these days and I bet those higher up knows that very well. That is why some baldy minister tells another minister to shut up. Or else what? The Baldy changes suits in a restroom and turn into a Draconian Hero? There is all forms of misuse that one can imagine in a modern government. Abuse of power, corruption, money politics, cronyism, defamation, scandals and conspiracies.... if I did miss anything please add on in the comments.

So will it ever change? Do we have a chance? Even if it is a slim one I am still willing to be optimistic. It's alright to take our own time in doing things.... heck, it took us a decade or two to realize how much we allowed those power morons that be to make us citizens looks like idiots.

21 October, 2008

How could Malaysiakini screw up?

For a moment there I thought Malaysia Kini has had it made. To be the only premier online news that I believe can make a difference. Well, now after that Najib manifesto fiasco I might just consider to not renew my subscription. In my wholehearted opinion Malaysia Kini, it's management and editor disregarded ethics in news reporting just a smidgen and thus caused it a lot of trouble.

Of course the exclusive online news portal is biased to some extent in fact all news publishers are not sparred in this light. I don't really care who the shareholders are or what political affiliations it has but news reporting is not just a business. But those who got their minds clouded in chasing for that exclusive story and readership might have gone a tad trigger happy.

I pose a question to the said reporter who is supposedly no tidbit freelance undergraduate reporter. Her resume I bet is mighty impressive and lengthy to no less than a bundle of A4 paper but how could such an oversight happen? The actions that preceded to the climax of tendering resignation for the grevious mistake will cost a lifetime of personal achievements to be washed down the drain in a click.

Now the ruling government is certainly going to keep a much more attentive eye on Malaysia Kini even the said reporter is no longer employed by them. The system to be followed to ensure precise and accurate reporting somehow took a back seat in the haste to be the first to publish such a story.

What a pity, such a mistake to involve a man with such a hi position in the ruling government. Die hard UMNO supporters will obviously in all it's power and influence will be delighted to scrutinize Malaysia Kini for years to come. No, this cant be allowed to happen. But what guarantee could Malaysia Kini possibly give to ensure from now onwards that each report is accurate as it can ever be? I bet you now even the most minor screw-ups will be highlighted by the competition.

The damage of it's own carelessness has been done and for a pretty long time those pro-UMNO and BN will certainly pick on it. Anything is possible in the media industry, which all is tainted with politics and the greed for readership and revenue. I suggest Malaysia Kini should watch it's back because one more mistake like that might just be its last for eternity.

19 October, 2008

Bail extended and one more added under ISA capture and release list.

I fell really sorry for Kickdafella now. From what I gathered he has very much given full co-operation while detained under the Draconian Hero's act and was given bail. So much so that all is needed is for him to be charged proper in the court of law so the proceedings can continue and perhaps some justice be served. However his bail got an extension pending further investigations. What is that all about?

Honestly if no case can be made just let the guy go. Perhaps the police are digging every worm hole they can find online or off-line to prove their accusations and the baldy minister does not loose face. Not that he has a handsome one anyway. What this does to Kickdafella is actually causing him to be like an egg on a bull's horn. He is neither innocent nor guilty and such a predicament is not really a nice feeling. The waiting part especially.

If there is not enough evidence, there is not enough to convict. I just hope that they wont start creating things out of thin air just to pin Kickdafella to save face. Please lah.... to say sorry is an act of bravery too but maybe baldy lost that sense along with his hair bit by bit some long years ago.

For the lady that was detained under the Draconian Hero's say but this time it was somewhat different where under this specific section 28 the detainee will have to be charged in court. Still, the after taste of anything that precedes perhaps the most hated acronym in the country does not make much of a difference. She was perhaps unfortunate or perhaps not. But what remains to be clear is that a civilian is no less excused from the call of the Draconian Heroes. Aren't we all civilians then?

I wonder if all this arrests and apprehension does the receding hairline any good. Hair loss is definitely a depressing thing perhaps the many local hair loss treatment companies may want to start delivering their brochures to the address stated below:

Datuk Seri Syed Hamid bin Syed Jaafar Albar
Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri
Blok D1, Kompleks D,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62546 Putrajaya. 

Free trials and samples are definitely welcomed.

UMNO nomination standings are as follows.

Sourced from Malaysiakini.
Click to view larger image.

17 October, 2008

Please read and sign this online patition if it is in accordance in what you believe in.

I just placed my digital signature to what I believe is to uphold the rights of Orang Asli and to preserve Mother Nature. You may do so too by clicking on the link.

Reveal it to all not just your UMNO and BN brotherhood.

What offensive is Najib getting on by holding a rush breakfast meeting in his ministry with a bunch of BN MPs? He should first and foremost make the details of procurement of the Eurocopters public and not announce it in a meeting and let some government winged press report it without the facts of figures to back it up.

The strategy is all wrong. Najib should answer directly to the opposition's allegations as well as the public. Of course telling his party brothers is easier but it will not dissolve the bad impression that has implicated him in regards to this particular issue.

Najib, we still want the facts and details out. Please take heed of this request if you have any complete regards towards Malaysians.

16 October, 2008

Syed Hamid Albar serves Anti Human Rights.

With the powers that are vested in him he has once more marred Malaysia's public image. If the political and economic situation is not shameful enough this baldy has to make it worse.

Hindraf to me in essence has a noble cause. But just the way that some of it's activities are conducted are improperly executed. It goes the same with any associations, clubs and organizations all of which have a noble cause but are poorly executed by those that sits in the committee.

Not that I am on PKR or anyone's side but the freedom of expression and speech is the essence of society. Just like it was prior to Merdeka where many groups were anti-British and communist. In the end of that struggle the Malay states did get what it wanted and thus today it is known as Malaysia.

With the ban of Hindraf and the lack of presence of its esteemed leaders I am a bit worried that the members might take action into their own hands. From the beginning Hindraf and the government does not see eye to eye. The ban will make it even more so . An organization legal or not, without its leaders will steer off course and usually will strike disaster not only to its members but those around them as well.

I believe that Syed Hamid Albar never considered the repercussions of the decision to ban Hindraf let alone not to recognize what the purpose of the organization is about. Political parties alone are not enough to represent the people and political parties do not serve the every need a society deserves.

What amount of damage could a group of minority civilians do just if they were given the proper guidance and systematic outlet to express their dissatisfactions? Could the government be anymore blind? The so called Islam Hadhari suppose to be the moderation of governance across all aspects may it be public or social wise. Instead of expecting the rakyat to follow that first why shouldn't the government lead by example and lead the moderation of expression and recognition that Hindraf really wants?

My grouse is that Syed Hamid Albar is not better than Hindraf as he himself has not acted based upon the template of Islam Hadhari which is a National policy. Many Muslim activists will vehemently deny that there is such a Islamic teaching and understanding. Ultimately they will say there is no such thing as Islam Hadhari because Islam in itself teaches a constant living in moderation. So islam does not require such branding upon it.

Fact, Syed Hamid Albar has clearly acted against policies and have paid complete disregard towards the feeling and expectation of the people. His overuse of powers is molesting human rights. In the public eye now Malaysia can very well be a modern interpretation of communism. Where the leaders profit from the people's effort and any action to of self expression is denied habitat within the geographical limits of the country.

A minister with such powers should not have ever existed in a democratic country. Where the use of law is supposedly to be critically managed under a strict panel to review and pass the verdict, this should not have happened.The use of laws is suppose to help manage the ill intentions from ever existing but in this case it has proven to be otherwise where the ill intentions has manifested within the law and be allowed to take effect. Again the suffering is towards the people that voted for the dimwits.

15 October, 2008

Suspicions proven right: We have no promising leaders

The fate of this country is headed for doom at this rate. Can we deny the fact that supporters of politicians are as zealous as the politicians themselves? We have such diamond hard (referring to only the fact that it is the most strongest material in the world and not by value) characters eying themselves to be leaders of this country. But to stomach this characters we need to be more than idiots not to realize how bad our future looks in the hands of the crop of corrupted asses we have.

Like every other politician Anwar is not living up to his promises. Now I cant possibly see PKR taking over anytime soon. Looking at the current state of the world economy PKR won't want to take office with too much a glum outlook. What I predict in the many months to come is that they will still drill Najib over everything that has to do with taxpayers money.

We have Najib here looking every reason to duck away from the controversy he is associated with. Even if he has sworn twice that he has no part in a Mongolian damsel's murder I don't think the people would find it good cause not to keep an eye on the fella. Come on, if he is one to be PM in the not too distant future we sure as hell have our interests and investments in check. That would certainly include on factoring the loony head of the wishing-to-be-PM.

Who are the other contenders that we can see a smidgen of shadows being PM? Look around us. Nothing? No one? Worried yet? You should be. Dont think what will happen to Malaysia in 10 years or 5 for that matter....think what could happen next year. Yes, the outlook certainly looks dark eh? Yeah, and sorry we don't have a PM making factory or clone lab and grow 'em in a test tube and make them ready in 30 days.


14 October, 2008

RM0.15 down but we are still unhappy.

At the strike of 6pm I got a barrage of sms from friends and even my father. All saying petrol prices coming down tomorrow so don't fill up today. Hmmm...alright I can do that but actually I dont need to fill up at least for a couple of days more since I have filled up yesterday. Bugger...

What cheer is another RM0.15 reduction on Ron97 going to bring? Well ok the lower income group would have a reason to rejoice as every penny they save goes to food, clothes and education. For me I dont feel that much of a difference. So what we save on average a total of RM10 per full tank of petrol (now that is inclusive of the last price drop)?

A full tank lasts me about 4 days and that is strictly to work and back. So I spend on average about RM500 on petrol alone. That does not include toll and parking. The reduction only saves me half a tank of petrol a month. Fine so with RM40 I can eat shushi all by myself. Great.

My point is there is no good at all if petrol is priced at RM1. With the rising costs of everything else and evil businessmen who will not lower the price of goods and services the balance hardly tips over with the recent price reduction of unleaded fuel.

The people would better benefit in cost saving and new methods of producing food. That is still the highest expenditure regardless if we are rich or otherwise. Fish, meat, poultry and vegetables have not ever dropped in prices. It has kept getting higher and higher and higher.

What is needed is to quickly roll out those laboratory experiments and put it out for mass use. Advancements in irrigation, genetics and biochemistry are mentioned so many times but why aren't we able to see and experience better quality produce? Are people cutting corners? I believe that the social responsibility of companies and corporations are very low in Malaysia.

What do they spend on? Marketing and advertising? But what about research and development? What we Malaysians need are businesses with a good conscience, not those that strive on making people sick and poor. A huge chunk of the governmentss income comes from sin taxes. And with that same money it is being invested back into the nation to build schools, places of worship, and public facilities.

Where is our respect to our families and children? There is a huge casino masked very well as a theme park. We have the biggest beer brewing factory in South East Asia... luckily we don't have factories making laser guided missile microchips unless that is a well kept secret.

Where is your conscience Malaysia? Where?

Chopper deal looks choppy.


Billions of ringgit could have been saved but someone decided to sign the papers for the purchase of Eurocopters. Retired Army Captain Dato' Zahar Hashim questions the shady deal in a letter to the government that was also sent to the ACA. Yes, the retired military man did pitch another chopper through his firm but his gripe seems to be that the Eurocopter deal was not transparent.

This is the second time that Capt (rtd) Zahar Hashim has written such a letter to inquire what on earth is going on. Remember he was also the one that wrote the open letter on the transfer of power between Pak Lah and Najib that he deemed was not a democratic practice and is unfair in principle.

Many anti-Najib or anti-Pak Lah or just plain simply anti-UMNO people would scramble to this opportunity to futher dig into this matter. If there is truth that the deal is in fact tainted then the delivery of the Nuri replacements should be halted and the project be open for tender again. That should only be fair for those who deposited RM1 million just for the tender documents.

Owh Najib and Pak Lah will not have it smoothly. Now we cant neglect the fact that there are a smidge of Najib in the murder of Altantunya. Or else why should his name ever be mentioned? Now this peculiar chopper deal will make Najib hang on precarious grounds. Pak Lah too should have lesser sleep now that the opposition is bugging him about the choppers.

How lah Najib?? Want to become PM but have all kinds of skeletons dropping out of your closet? If at all you are not part of any of the elegations mentioned then why should such hardships fall on to you if you have been a good clean politician?

13 October, 2008

Malaysian Government do not care for animals.

I would write about politics today but I think I'll give it a rest. In the news today I say a devastating image... no not the one where a pregnant woman was killed in a traggic car accident but instead of a lifeless Tapir being the victim of roadkill.

I live pretty near where Altantunya got blown to bits but apart from that the area was not famous only for the grizzly murder of that beautiful woman. At that point in time where development was scarce in the area and everything was still lush greenery there were signboards put up to alert road users that Tapirs make that area as their home.

Yes, seriously I am not joking. Came to a point not too long ago when UiTM students call that place Puncak Tapir. I have on two occasions seen with my own eyes a Tapir crossing from one side pf the road to the other to get to it's watering hole. Now with the numerous land developments of midium and high-end housing the watering hole is now gone. Same goes to the signboards of "Tapir Crossing".

The lush vegetation is now replaced with boring angular upright structures made of cement and concrete. The traffic now causes a short jam heading out to Bukit Jelutong every morning. There is no longer the cool morning fog and dew. Instead there are bald patches of barren land and signs of heavy vehicles.

I doubt there are any Tapirs left in the area. Unless it has moved into the houses built by the numerous developers. That image in the news make me think about the 2 occasions I saw a Tapir crossing. Makes me wonder how could such beautiful animals are not considered when the move to develop the land was mooted.

I fear without better laws, policies, implementation, and enforcement all our kids will see are what there is in pet stores or the wet market. If that day comes I will be a very sad parent.

12 October, 2008

New Bloods needed, not Manopause.

Sorry but with all the noise in UMNO there is one portion that is left pretty much on the sidelines. Women plays an important role in politics and just so that there is a forward momentum there is one old one that refuses to go away. Rafidah in my opinion should give it a rest. 

I mean look she served well enough under Tun M and currently under Pak Lah. She had her fair share of controversy considering the ministerial position she held for 21 years. Now should be a good time to exit and let someone new bring a renewed vigor in UMNO Women's wing. But I guess not... the Iron Lady so she is called had to let her Ministerial post go early this year and now has nothing left but Wanita UMNO.

Well face it grandma, being 65 should be a good time to retire from politics and start concentrating on your family. How long more could a 65 year old woman stand on those high heels I wonder.

27 to 14 ~! Mukhriz edges Khairy.

What a nice Sunday. It is certainly for me since waking up and reading in Malaysiakini that Mukhriz is ahead against the turk KJ. But the race is just starting but if by anyindication KJ might overtake the lead since many more youth devisions have yet to announce you are they nominating for the top man in UMNO Youth. Still.... I wish KJ all the best but if he does not make it (some strongly agrees he will) there is a long road more for him. Owh a note to Mukhriz....there better not be any money politics involved in your campaign, since you talk so much against it.

10 October, 2008

Khairy vs. Mukhriz

It is a four way fight, yes I know that. But only two characters are leading the nominations and they are the Mustangs in UMNO. The UMNO Youth will see a heated fight till the end if the predictions are correct. Tun M gives his piece of mind that Khairy will win easily. Honestly, I hope not.

I was never a fan of KJ although he has somewhat kept his mouth shut the past couple of months. Perhaps his dear father in law told him to pipe down a little. If true, that would be the best advice Pak Lah might have ever given since he took Putrajaya.

To analyze Mukhriz and Khairy would be the obvious. But the similarities are striking. Both are hungry and both are bursting with energy although one is a bit reckless compared to the other. Both are attached to "powerful" families. One by marriage and the other born as the third son to the most longest serving PM this country has ever had. Both don't really like each other and often have opposite views as expressed many times (what to do, must shine father in law's boots...who told the bugger to marry the PM's daughter right?).

These are the 2 men that we Malaysians should keep an eye on as our children's future will most likely depend on either one of them. Don't bother the senior UMNO farts.... most are just as good as expired. Mukhriz will be very much compared to his father Tun M of which I think that is unfair. KJ will always be seen as getting hitched to the right girl in the right family at the right time. Owh don't forget both are hungry businessmen too.

I know for a fact apart from owning shares in a few rich companies KJ is also a partner in one mens fashion retail outlet in the posh Pavillion KL. So he is certainly not lacking in fashion sense this fella. Underneath that cheap UMNO white uniform is custom designer slacks. Mukhriz is the founder of a canser vaccine company, Bioven along side with Johan Indot ex-husband to singer Fauziah Latiff. Politicians and cancer.... goes hand in hand doesn't it?

For KJ's mouth and statements in the media I really don't fancy that fella. Too shot gunned and emotional. I could see Mukhriz as a more stable character. If I were to invest in this country in 10 years time I would certainly keep an eye on these two young bloods.

What is the fine thin line in UMNO?

Alright... there are a few hot seats. From Youth Wing all the way to the Senior Years Club. What is the fine thin line between the two? One is young, bursting with energy but not too much on brain cells and the other hmmm.... too much dead brain cells (brain cells do not regenerate).

Malay politics is like a family twice removed. When in need there is all the references chop and signed as some distant relative. When they get what they want and the party elections are up it's the "Ehh..eh...lu sapa?" attitude. Humans will be humans and Malays will be always Malay. But as the Malay saying goes "Tak Jauh Punggung dari Api". A chip off the old rotten block.

So the Tun Razak Era closes with Pak Lah as the final president to the old boys club. but wait a minute.... Najib is tipped to be next. So I guess that is pretty much a Tun Razak legacy trickling here. What approaches Malaysia in the future? Could the opposition work Najib out if he becomes PM?

I bet it would be a tough order. Najib although most of the time silent is certainly not sleeping like Pak Lah. He was entirely brought up in politics and his father's blood flows dark and thick in him. But what his father did he has to do it different. I bet he wont be benchmarked against Pak Lah but instead against his father. Now even Tun M can't really beat Tun Razak's legacy.

So what will happen in UMNO? Will the Razak's house raise a new era? Or would those from ordinary backgrounds will rock the chess board? The New Studs versus Old Knights... I just hope Mat Tyson won't bite anyones ears off.

08 October, 2008

May the farewell party begin.

I read the news with a smirk. Partly because I am satisfied and partly also because the future is open to many possibilities. Pak Lah may want to claim at least a consolation for his short lived tenure as PM but probably his "investments" might have returned a conclusive dividend and his exist plan might have been just enough for him to leave the building.

So he hopes Najib will be his successor. Perhaps there is a "gentlemen's agreement" made between these two farts. Of course I am very sceptical as to why now he decides to end his reign in March 2009. Also I am not convinced that Najib is the man to lead the country for the better. Of course rumours are rumours but sometimes rumours are the distorted truth. Even in distorted truths there is some form of truths in it.

As a Malaysian I am open to allow Najib a chance. With power in his hands many of his supporters will come and lick his toes for this or that. But will he develop enough wealth to be shared around so no one would want to question what exactly he (Najib) is really doing? Would he share his prosperity with the people? Would the people some around and actually give BN the benefit of a doubt?

I know Anwar is simply waiting and preparing his sword and dagger for the next skirmish.Still claiming to have the numbers, I wonder when will he come out with the shocking news. Be rest assured if he ever comes around doing that it might not be a pretty day indeed.

Honestly, we are indeed lacking the pool of leaders. The options we have are very limited and the characters are all worthy of interrogation. Lets just see who Pak Lah will use to clean up his mess. Perhaps his son in law could try to help him hide the skeletons under his bed. Trick or treat? Nope, but a farewell party shouldn't be too much to ask.

07 October, 2008

Najib = Bijan

It strikes me as a funny thing. The Deputy Prime Minister's name when flipped back to front becomes "Bijan" that is sesame seed in English. Sesame seeds plays a very minor part in a Malaysian's daily diet. But it does enhance the taste of certain foods...like Popiah, Chee Chong Fun, Rojak Buah and even burger buns.

I could merely comically relate the influence of Najib to a mere Sesame seed. Small, pretty quiet but enhances certain things in one way or the other. But this particular sesame seed is starting to worry me. He comes from a family that has strong political background. The Tun Razak Empire is not one that can be easily put a thumb to. Najib falls nicely behind his late father's footsteps and is very much a pro-Malay man.

No doubt the Tun Razak legacy lives very strongly but it has no less a made a ripple effect in the past that reflects what we have now. What bothers me most about the probability of Najib being PM is that he has the least knowledge in controlling economy. All he did was be in the Ministry of Defence and tooling over submarines, helicopters and jet fighters.

Najib too was once a very playful young man. Being playful he did hurt many.... and the prospects that he might become PM is what frightens me. Lest not judge what happens in his pants and directly compare it to what he might do for the country but let us not forget too he has a dark past if not a shady one.

The all too sesame seed Najib is prime to grow~ and it might be a spicy road ahead. How far more corrupt will the administration get should be a good yardstick once he comes into the pinnacle of the administration pyramid. We all know this sesame seed has many kins loitering around. With enough sesame seeds aiding him.... it should provide for a significant aftertaste. Pleasent or not we shall soon find out. 

06 October, 2008

Economic crisis might be a good thing for the opposition.

A weakening economy is not something any ruling government would like to encounter. But this vicious cycle is unavoidable. Where most of us is concerned for as long we can still make a living it should still be alright. However, economy does have strong ties with emotions thus a failing economy will certainly strike a wrong chord in everyones heart.

Being on the other side of the fence as the opposition, a weakening economy might just be the right thing to gain favour. Pak Lah swapped portfolios with Najib and between this 2 ministries we all know that it has money written all over it up to it's chin.

But what can both of them salvage? Apparently it is an agreement between 2 consenting adults. The Ministry of defense budget is a real hefty sum. It would be interesting to note and keep an eye on it's expenditure now since Pak Lah took over. With Najib in the Ministry of Finance it would certainly be very easy to gain approval of large sums of the country's stash. So from now until Najib comes into power it will be very interesting to keep tabs on the accounts.

The opposition can only hope that the economy will turn weaker and weaker. But by the time that comes around it will be too late for anyone to curb such losses. For sure the cash will flow into one very deep pocket and the pain is borne by the people. What happens is that the opposition will have a clean slate to start with albeit with the probability that there will be some sort of deficit. But the concern of the opposition is to come into power and not the money at the moment.

What will happen to people like you and me? Well, we will suffer from the rising costs of living. It makes no difference even if MTUC or any other NGO to demand better wages as the the inflation rate flies through the roof and the power of the Ringgit diminishes to peanuts. Again that will leave us with nothing.

This tug of war on power and the country's riches will only serve to benefit those who befriends those who are in power. Survival of the fittest? Not really...survival of the cronies is much more precise. But whatever it may be the people deserve some form of consolation regardless if the change of hands favours towards the opposition or BN. For not we will just have to sit and wait to see what will the next card form the deck turn out to be.