27 October, 2008

10 released on bail on good faith or buying support?

There are many ways to peel an apple they say. Being a skeptic perhaps is my greatest flaw but just bare with me here a moment. RM1000 bail each for the 10 Hindraf members just so they can celebrate Deepavali. Such generosity should be thanked. Well, perhaps almost.

Not to mean that I am accusing anyone to have ulterior motives but perhaps it was more a political move more than being compassionate which was carried out with a bit of skepticism in the first place. The fear of many other Malaysian Indian groups out there who might apply more pressure to the already jittery government could have prompted for the release (on bail) to the 10 detained under remand orders which I assume would normally be extended.

So they were not detained under ISA, but no less the fact that the group of people that wanted to hand the handwritten letter of a child was not a wise move in the first place should prompt the activist into thinking further before they act. In this case I say both sides made their mistake squarely. One was the 10 odd individuals had the cunning brains to use a child as leverage to get to the PM. Perhaps the PM refuses to entertain such guests but why use the child? Act of desperation? Or to make the PM look bad?

The authorities also really did not use their brains when arresting all of them and mind you that include a little girl being forced to spend the night in the lock-up together with her mother who refuses to leave her "friends" behind. At least the girl could have been put into saperate custody until she was handed to relatives or until her mother was released.

I do question the gumption of adults sometimes which under such circumstances is not acceptable by any standards. So they have been released on bail and just to show that how good the government is they impose a RM1000 bail on each of them in one surety. Absolutely fabulous with full sarcasm intended. Why not half that bail since it is the festive spirit here we are talking about? Perhaps that is the minimum already...I wouldn't know.

Whatever it is I do support that such activities by such a group like Hindraf should be curbed but do use common sense. Never detain a child along with the adults no matter what the case is. For the authorities to haul the people to the lockup just because they want to deliver a letter is really a foolish move. For one obviously many would criticize the arrests made. It could have been easier on the paper work to just accept the letter and everyone could just go home without much of a fuss.

Well, if a bunch of UiTM students in the amount of far more than 10 can march and hand over a petition can be accepted than why not just a letter from 10 people and a child? Or is it because the motives have nothing to do with Malay rights that such treatment is necessary? But yeah such ego does the authorities have that an apology will only come when the end of the world is tomorrow. Law and order cant be served with political intentions but instead with commonsense and humility. Otherwise there is nothing much to be respected.

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