14 October, 2008

Chopper deal looks choppy.


Billions of ringgit could have been saved but someone decided to sign the papers for the purchase of Eurocopters. Retired Army Captain Dato' Zahar Hashim questions the shady deal in a letter to the government that was also sent to the ACA. Yes, the retired military man did pitch another chopper through his firm but his gripe seems to be that the Eurocopter deal was not transparent.

This is the second time that Capt (rtd) Zahar Hashim has written such a letter to inquire what on earth is going on. Remember he was also the one that wrote the open letter on the transfer of power between Pak Lah and Najib that he deemed was not a democratic practice and is unfair in principle.

Many anti-Najib or anti-Pak Lah or just plain simply anti-UMNO people would scramble to this opportunity to futher dig into this matter. If there is truth that the deal is in fact tainted then the delivery of the Nuri replacements should be halted and the project be open for tender again. That should only be fair for those who deposited RM1 million just for the tender documents.

Owh Najib and Pak Lah will not have it smoothly. Now we cant neglect the fact that there are a smidge of Najib in the murder of Altantunya. Or else why should his name ever be mentioned? Now this peculiar chopper deal will make Najib hang on precarious grounds. Pak Lah too should have lesser sleep now that the opposition is bugging him about the choppers.

How lah Najib?? Want to become PM but have all kinds of skeletons dropping out of your closet? If at all you are not part of any of the elegations mentioned then why should such hardships fall on to you if you have been a good clean politician?

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