28 October, 2008

Datukship to Shah Rukh is just in time with Air Asia's plans.

Coincidence or just sheer luck that one plan will succeed the other? Shah Rukh Khan may be the gaga here but from where he is he is a dimming star. Old age perhaps and he no longer really looks cute on screen. But honestly what is wrong to confer him a Datukship? Plus it is just from Melaka a sultan-less state.

What brings meaning to all this? A good investment or a dud? It seems to be just the perfect logic when the fastest liquid way to get foreign money flowing into this country is through tourism. It is a cash business and is worth tens of billion annually.

Perhaps Shah Rukh Khan is a better person to give rather than those coffee shop datuks and their "Duit Kopi" Datukships aspirations. Perhaps Jessica Alba is not too bad an idea to be given one too. Heck why not even the F1 drivers of the BMW Petronas Team and our A1 series drivers. All have somehow brought Malaysia into the limelight as exciting vacation locations in the world.

Air Asia will be raking in the most of it since it will very soon plot its way through across Indian cities to bring all the people there to come and experience Malaysia. Datukship is just a small title to give as compared to the benefits. I feel it is too common a title already.... as common as coconuts I bet.

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