25 October, 2008

Did UiTM students really had a protest over a Movie?

From what I know "The Great Debaters" starring Danzel Washington is not released in Malaysian cinemas. I have watched the movie yes on pirated DVD (no I did not purchase it) and it was a brilliant movie.

A blog titled "The Malayan Times" reported that UiTM students organized a protest against the movie being screened. Now, how to protest if the Movie is not screened here?

There are the type of people behind such a blog that publishes false reports to further raise tension. I wonder for whose advantage it is.... a possible clue is that from the site meter at the bottom if you hover over it the link displays a username "joemaniam".

Would UiTM pursue such a case to the authorities?

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Mr. Chu Heaven said...

please laa bro, things like this also want to believe? You already know that the movie does not make it into local cinema, so which procedure want to spend money putting big poster?

the writing also not professional.. shit .. so low is your IQ..

sHibI said...

did they?

ive watched the movie, and i like it.

Rauff said...

Dear Mr Chu,

Didn't you read my 3rd paragraph?
Or may i recommend a good optician?