06 October, 2008

Economic crisis might be a good thing for the opposition.

A weakening economy is not something any ruling government would like to encounter. But this vicious cycle is unavoidable. Where most of us is concerned for as long we can still make a living it should still be alright. However, economy does have strong ties with emotions thus a failing economy will certainly strike a wrong chord in everyones heart.

Being on the other side of the fence as the opposition, a weakening economy might just be the right thing to gain favour. Pak Lah swapped portfolios with Najib and between this 2 ministries we all know that it has money written all over it up to it's chin.

But what can both of them salvage? Apparently it is an agreement between 2 consenting adults. The Ministry of defense budget is a real hefty sum. It would be interesting to note and keep an eye on it's expenditure now since Pak Lah took over. With Najib in the Ministry of Finance it would certainly be very easy to gain approval of large sums of the country's stash. So from now until Najib comes into power it will be very interesting to keep tabs on the accounts.

The opposition can only hope that the economy will turn weaker and weaker. But by the time that comes around it will be too late for anyone to curb such losses. For sure the cash will flow into one very deep pocket and the pain is borne by the people. What happens is that the opposition will have a clean slate to start with albeit with the probability that there will be some sort of deficit. But the concern of the opposition is to come into power and not the money at the moment.

What will happen to people like you and me? Well, we will suffer from the rising costs of living. It makes no difference even if MTUC or any other NGO to demand better wages as the the inflation rate flies through the roof and the power of the Ringgit diminishes to peanuts. Again that will leave us with nothing.

This tug of war on power and the country's riches will only serve to benefit those who befriends those who are in power. Survival of the fittest? Not really...survival of the cronies is much more precise. But whatever it may be the people deserve some form of consolation regardless if the change of hands favours towards the opposition or BN. For not we will just have to sit and wait to see what will the next card form the deck turn out to be.

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KY said...

"agreement between 2 consenting adults"

and it's our money we're talking about, no?