22 October, 2008

For obvious reasons the government dont care about press freedom and freedom of speech.

Mention New Strait Times and Utusan we have visions of pro-government reporting. Mention Socio Political Bloggers like Rocky Bru, RPK, Penarik Beca, Kickdafella and perhaps hundreds more automatically the image portrayed would be if not anti-government then it is pro-opposition. Mind you even the term used in news reports "Bloggers" is indefinitely wrong. There is a difference between a Socio Political Blogger and the general term Blogger. Morons to them who thinks they are the same thing.

For obvious reasons Malaysia has slipped ranks in terms of Press Freedom and god knows what else. But do you think they really care? Is there even a tinge of conscience? I bet you for all the Rakyat's Eurocopter Ringgits that there is none what so ever. The ruling government is somewhat like a Soprano. Yes, you get me.... that famous New Jersey Mafia Family mini-series.

What is there to be surprised about? Look at all the leadership traits UMNO shares with the American Italian Mob. There is no call for vote on who gets to become the successor. Everyone needs to kiss the fat ring of the the Don and god knows some rats asses too to get what they want. Well of course the big chunk of the pie goes to the Don and the rest to the capos. Do I sound unsatisfied? Well my amiable readers....I am well beyond that for a good couple of months now.

Malaysia Kini issued their apology and yes Najib accepted it. Good for both sides but what about Berita Harian? A recent comment on my previous post got me thinking. If RPK got hauled to the police station on the accusation of certain remarks that dishonoured the Agong then what is difference in what Berita Harian did? Perhaps the mindset that if a state is ruled by the opposition then who gives a damn about apologizing to the Sultan of that state. I am not born in the state of Kelantan but still I resent what Berita Harian did.

Not only our country has forced moderated Press Freedom and Freedom of speech is only cocooned within the permissible boundaries of cock sucking the powers that be and make those who appose look like cunts on a pitchfork. If anyone dreams of more freedom well may I suggest head to the desolate lands of the some African country which there people would happily murder anyone just for 60 sen. Otherwise we have just need to be a bit more patient.

Patience is a commodity these days and I bet those higher up knows that very well. That is why some baldy minister tells another minister to shut up. Or else what? The Baldy changes suits in a restroom and turn into a Draconian Hero? There is all forms of misuse that one can imagine in a modern government. Abuse of power, corruption, money politics, cronyism, defamation, scandals and conspiracies.... if I did miss anything please add on in the comments.

So will it ever change? Do we have a chance? Even if it is a slim one I am still willing to be optimistic. It's alright to take our own time in doing things.... heck, it took us a decade or two to realize how much we allowed those power morons that be to make us citizens looks like idiots.

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