24 October, 2008

Hindraf should stop using the child. It is pathetic.

It is already illegal yet they pursue their motives which such strategy. It is not once Hindraf have tried but many times and it is to no avail. Should they be smart enough to know that the strategy that they are using is not working at all? On top of that on 2 occasions now they have made a child embroiled in their "adult" issues.

I sympathize Hindraf and the vision it has. But dont you think they are an immature bunch? Using a kid as leverage to gain sympathy is not the way to do things at all if not only a shameful act. How could a six year old possibly write a letter with such requests if not under the influence of elders?

I must say that to me the use of the girl in gaining sympathy and in such a manner is in violation of Children's Rights. Children are not at all meant to be susceptible to the shenanigans that adults indulge in. Politics is one of them. Isn't it enough already that Hindraf is illegal? The whole lot wants to be arrested under ISA too? They are not fighting it smart. Calling them stupid is too nice a thing to say.

Whatever it is the child was not meant to even take part in any of Hindraf's activities let alone be hauled by the authorities just because her mother was one of those detained. I pity the child that the adults around her is not responsible and are selfish towards their own gains.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum bro.

Rightly spoken sir!

A child must not be used as a scapegoat or as a human barrier!

What will they do IF the child gets injured, hurt or KILLED if any untoward rioting or commotion takes place when the enforcement agencies of the government such as the FRU were to come after the Hindraf folks?

Prevention is always so much more better than cure!

Stop abusing the children.

Amel Hanan said...

Agreed. I have also written the same sentiment towards the Hindraf's abuse of children in their campaigns in my blog.

If they want to fight, leave the children out of it. These children have been taught to hate before they learn to love, and it is such a sad thing to happen to them.