21 October, 2008

How could Malaysiakini screw up?

For a moment there I thought Malaysia Kini has had it made. To be the only premier online news that I believe can make a difference. Well, now after that Najib manifesto fiasco I might just consider to not renew my subscription. In my wholehearted opinion Malaysia Kini, it's management and editor disregarded ethics in news reporting just a smidgen and thus caused it a lot of trouble.

Of course the exclusive online news portal is biased to some extent in fact all news publishers are not sparred in this light. I don't really care who the shareholders are or what political affiliations it has but news reporting is not just a business. But those who got their minds clouded in chasing for that exclusive story and readership might have gone a tad trigger happy.

I pose a question to the said reporter who is supposedly no tidbit freelance undergraduate reporter. Her resume I bet is mighty impressive and lengthy to no less than a bundle of A4 paper but how could such an oversight happen? The actions that preceded to the climax of tendering resignation for the grevious mistake will cost a lifetime of personal achievements to be washed down the drain in a click.

Now the ruling government is certainly going to keep a much more attentive eye on Malaysia Kini even the said reporter is no longer employed by them. The system to be followed to ensure precise and accurate reporting somehow took a back seat in the haste to be the first to publish such a story.

What a pity, such a mistake to involve a man with such a hi position in the ruling government. Die hard UMNO supporters will obviously in all it's power and influence will be delighted to scrutinize Malaysia Kini for years to come. No, this cant be allowed to happen. But what guarantee could Malaysia Kini possibly give to ensure from now onwards that each report is accurate as it can ever be? I bet you now even the most minor screw-ups will be highlighted by the competition.

The damage of it's own carelessness has been done and for a pretty long time those pro-UMNO and BN will certainly pick on it. Anything is possible in the media industry, which all is tainted with politics and the greed for readership and revenue. I suggest Malaysia Kini should watch it's back because one more mistake like that might just be its last for eternity.

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yok hoong said...

sure she paid for her mistake. no excuses, but the buck stops there. and suer malaysiakini better be more careful with its reporting standards.
will Utusan follow? answer is as clear as daylight, aint it?