23 October, 2008

Karpal and his disability cost him.

No offence to the disabled at all. Karpal who is as much as we all know is a very prominant lawyer with a good string of high profile cases under his belt. Perhaps the most few successful lawyers in this country so to speak. Many times we heard him speak and when he does so I at many time really admire his English. But today was a different story altogether. This one I wish to forget. As a Lawyer he is good but for an MP now he disgusts me to a certain point.

Cry foul over whatever other MPs say and the terms and double meanings they use. But to pull in the chairman speaker of Parliament is above all else uncalled for. 2 days bar from the house in my opinion is somewhat too kind a gesture. Yes it may serve as a lesson to other MPs but I suspect it will be short lived. Trust me it will all go back to square one.

As a practicing lawyer Karpal has shamed the profession he practices and earn a living. Paying complete disregard to the house where laws are passed is a despicable act. Furthermore I suspect that the televised session of parliament is being used by certain quarters to expose incompetencies of various political targets whose acts we obviously find immature and and senseless.

I am tired of such antiques by grown men and women who were chosen to represent the people to the government. To those who take the opportunity to poke and prod unimportant things and play mind games, you are just making a fool of yourselves and I bet you do not even realize it. The lashing tongues and skillful play of words to incite hatred and belittle the constitution undermines the efforts to keep things peaceful. If you cant be mediators and professional representatives then I suggest you vacate the comfy bench for someone else who is more serious in what they do.

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