10 October, 2008

Khairy vs. Mukhriz

It is a four way fight, yes I know that. But only two characters are leading the nominations and they are the Mustangs in UMNO. The UMNO Youth will see a heated fight till the end if the predictions are correct. Tun M gives his piece of mind that Khairy will win easily. Honestly, I hope not.

I was never a fan of KJ although he has somewhat kept his mouth shut the past couple of months. Perhaps his dear father in law told him to pipe down a little. If true, that would be the best advice Pak Lah might have ever given since he took Putrajaya.

To analyze Mukhriz and Khairy would be the obvious. But the similarities are striking. Both are hungry and both are bursting with energy although one is a bit reckless compared to the other. Both are attached to "powerful" families. One by marriage and the other born as the third son to the most longest serving PM this country has ever had. Both don't really like each other and often have opposite views as expressed many times (what to do, must shine father in law's boots...who told the bugger to marry the PM's daughter right?).

These are the 2 men that we Malaysians should keep an eye on as our children's future will most likely depend on either one of them. Don't bother the senior UMNO farts.... most are just as good as expired. Mukhriz will be very much compared to his father Tun M of which I think that is unfair. KJ will always be seen as getting hitched to the right girl in the right family at the right time. Owh don't forget both are hungry businessmen too.

I know for a fact apart from owning shares in a few rich companies KJ is also a partner in one mens fashion retail outlet in the posh Pavillion KL. So he is certainly not lacking in fashion sense this fella. Underneath that cheap UMNO white uniform is custom designer slacks. Mukhriz is the founder of a canser vaccine company, Bioven along side with Johan Indot ex-husband to singer Fauziah Latiff. Politicians and cancer.... goes hand in hand doesn't it?

For KJ's mouth and statements in the media I really don't fancy that fella. Too shot gunned and emotional. I could see Mukhriz as a more stable character. If I were to invest in this country in 10 years time I would certainly keep an eye on these two young bloods.

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