13 October, 2008

Malaysian Government do not care for animals.

I would write about politics today but I think I'll give it a rest. In the news today I say a devastating image... no not the one where a pregnant woman was killed in a traggic car accident but instead of a lifeless Tapir being the victim of roadkill.

I live pretty near where Altantunya got blown to bits but apart from that the area was not famous only for the grizzly murder of that beautiful woman. At that point in time where development was scarce in the area and everything was still lush greenery there were signboards put up to alert road users that Tapirs make that area as their home.

Yes, seriously I am not joking. Came to a point not too long ago when UiTM students call that place Puncak Tapir. I have on two occasions seen with my own eyes a Tapir crossing from one side pf the road to the other to get to it's watering hole. Now with the numerous land developments of midium and high-end housing the watering hole is now gone. Same goes to the signboards of "Tapir Crossing".

The lush vegetation is now replaced with boring angular upright structures made of cement and concrete. The traffic now causes a short jam heading out to Bukit Jelutong every morning. There is no longer the cool morning fog and dew. Instead there are bald patches of barren land and signs of heavy vehicles.

I doubt there are any Tapirs left in the area. Unless it has moved into the houses built by the numerous developers. That image in the news make me think about the 2 occasions I saw a Tapir crossing. Makes me wonder how could such beautiful animals are not considered when the move to develop the land was mooted.

I fear without better laws, policies, implementation, and enforcement all our kids will see are what there is in pet stores or the wet market. If that day comes I will be a very sad parent.


sHibI said...

im gonna start class there..best jugak if can see tapir on the road..hehehehehh~


amosss said...

bagaimana pula dgn nasib anak ikan paus yg tersadai di tepian pantai di terengganu kalau tidak salah saya...

badan berkenaan cuma datang untuk mengambil gambar. tiada usaha untuk membantu menyelamatkan ikan itu.