08 October, 2008

May the farewell party begin.

I read the news with a smirk. Partly because I am satisfied and partly also because the future is open to many possibilities. Pak Lah may want to claim at least a consolation for his short lived tenure as PM but probably his "investments" might have returned a conclusive dividend and his exist plan might have been just enough for him to leave the building.

So he hopes Najib will be his successor. Perhaps there is a "gentlemen's agreement" made between these two farts. Of course I am very sceptical as to why now he decides to end his reign in March 2009. Also I am not convinced that Najib is the man to lead the country for the better. Of course rumours are rumours but sometimes rumours are the distorted truth. Even in distorted truths there is some form of truths in it.

As a Malaysian I am open to allow Najib a chance. With power in his hands many of his supporters will come and lick his toes for this or that. But will he develop enough wealth to be shared around so no one would want to question what exactly he (Najib) is really doing? Would he share his prosperity with the people? Would the people some around and actually give BN the benefit of a doubt?

I know Anwar is simply waiting and preparing his sword and dagger for the next skirmish.Still claiming to have the numbers, I wonder when will he come out with the shocking news. Be rest assured if he ever comes around doing that it might not be a pretty day indeed.

Honestly, we are indeed lacking the pool of leaders. The options we have are very limited and the characters are all worthy of interrogation. Lets just see who Pak Lah will use to clean up his mess. Perhaps his son in law could try to help him hide the skeletons under his bed. Trick or treat? Nope, but a farewell party shouldn't be too much to ask.

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