07 October, 2008

Najib = Bijan

It strikes me as a funny thing. The Deputy Prime Minister's name when flipped back to front becomes "Bijan" that is sesame seed in English. Sesame seeds plays a very minor part in a Malaysian's daily diet. But it does enhance the taste of certain foods...like Popiah, Chee Chong Fun, Rojak Buah and even burger buns.

I could merely comically relate the influence of Najib to a mere Sesame seed. Small, pretty quiet but enhances certain things in one way or the other. But this particular sesame seed is starting to worry me. He comes from a family that has strong political background. The Tun Razak Empire is not one that can be easily put a thumb to. Najib falls nicely behind his late father's footsteps and is very much a pro-Malay man.

No doubt the Tun Razak legacy lives very strongly but it has no less a made a ripple effect in the past that reflects what we have now. What bothers me most about the probability of Najib being PM is that he has the least knowledge in controlling economy. All he did was be in the Ministry of Defence and tooling over submarines, helicopters and jet fighters.

Najib too was once a very playful young man. Being playful he did hurt many.... and the prospects that he might become PM is what frightens me. Lest not judge what happens in his pants and directly compare it to what he might do for the country but let us not forget too he has a dark past if not a shady one.

The all too sesame seed Najib is prime to grow~ and it might be a spicy road ahead. How far more corrupt will the administration get should be a good yardstick once he comes into the pinnacle of the administration pyramid. We all know this sesame seed has many kins loitering around. With enough sesame seeds aiding him.... it should provide for a significant aftertaste. Pleasent or not we shall soon find out. 

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