12 October, 2008

New Bloods needed, not Manopause.

Sorry but with all the noise in UMNO there is one portion that is left pretty much on the sidelines. Women plays an important role in politics and just so that there is a forward momentum there is one old one that refuses to go away. Rafidah in my opinion should give it a rest. 

I mean look she served well enough under Tun M and currently under Pak Lah. She had her fair share of controversy considering the ministerial position she held for 21 years. Now should be a good time to exit and let someone new bring a renewed vigor in UMNO Women's wing. But I guess not... the Iron Lady so she is called had to let her Ministerial post go early this year and now has nothing left but Wanita UMNO.

Well face it grandma, being 65 should be a good time to retire from politics and start concentrating on your family. How long more could a 65 year old woman stand on those high heels I wonder.

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