31 October, 2008

PM owns up for chopper deal in the few months he has left.

It is a commendable thing that he did. Admitting a mistake on the quoted estimated price of the Eurocopters was a wise if not beneficial personally for him to do. But I figure as much that now the Opposition will be very trigger happy on all those involved in making the decision of the purchase which has been already shelved for the time being.

Now what lies ahead for us to pay attention to is how much more precious time will be spent on debating on something which has been aborted. Suffice to say the billions that was supposedly to be used for the Eurocopters are now going to be channeled to wards projects that will benefit the rakyat.

It certainly will be a smart move if the opposition will now concentrate on inquiring exactly on where will that money be spent instead of firing shells to a shelved project. I would rather suggest an investigation committee be set up just for this purpose rather than waste precious time of parliament on digging the matter. 

It is proven that the government made a grave error in their system of doing things that puts a big question mark on their integrity. That should already be enough for the rakyat to judge and come to a conclusion. I say move on to the next important issue in hand and not waste resources any further on mulling over one thing. I question the efficiency of both the government and the oppositions when it comes to precious debating and resolution time.

Parliament time is the rakyats tax money.

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