14 October, 2008

RM0.15 down but we are still unhappy.

At the strike of 6pm I got a barrage of sms from friends and even my father. All saying petrol prices coming down tomorrow so don't fill up today. Hmmm...alright I can do that but actually I dont need to fill up at least for a couple of days more since I have filled up yesterday. Bugger...

What cheer is another RM0.15 reduction on Ron97 going to bring? Well ok the lower income group would have a reason to rejoice as every penny they save goes to food, clothes and education. For me I dont feel that much of a difference. So what we save on average a total of RM10 per full tank of petrol (now that is inclusive of the last price drop)?

A full tank lasts me about 4 days and that is strictly to work and back. So I spend on average about RM500 on petrol alone. That does not include toll and parking. The reduction only saves me half a tank of petrol a month. Fine so with RM40 I can eat shushi all by myself. Great.

My point is there is no good at all if petrol is priced at RM1. With the rising costs of everything else and evil businessmen who will not lower the price of goods and services the balance hardly tips over with the recent price reduction of unleaded fuel.

The people would better benefit in cost saving and new methods of producing food. That is still the highest expenditure regardless if we are rich or otherwise. Fish, meat, poultry and vegetables have not ever dropped in prices. It has kept getting higher and higher and higher.

What is needed is to quickly roll out those laboratory experiments and put it out for mass use. Advancements in irrigation, genetics and biochemistry are mentioned so many times but why aren't we able to see and experience better quality produce? Are people cutting corners? I believe that the social responsibility of companies and corporations are very low in Malaysia.

What do they spend on? Marketing and advertising? But what about research and development? What we Malaysians need are businesses with a good conscience, not those that strive on making people sick and poor. A huge chunk of the governmentss income comes from sin taxes. And with that same money it is being invested back into the nation to build schools, places of worship, and public facilities.

Where is our respect to our families and children? There is a huge casino masked very well as a theme park. We have the biggest beer brewing factory in South East Asia... luckily we don't have factories making laser guided missile microchips unless that is a well kept secret.

Where is your conscience Malaysia? Where?

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magma3637 said...

yo. been here thru YS. as long as the price drop, i'm satisfied with it. but of course, i want it to drop more (",)y