15 October, 2008

Suspicions proven right: We have no promising leaders

The fate of this country is headed for doom at this rate. Can we deny the fact that supporters of politicians are as zealous as the politicians themselves? We have such diamond hard (referring to only the fact that it is the most strongest material in the world and not by value) characters eying themselves to be leaders of this country. But to stomach this characters we need to be more than idiots not to realize how bad our future looks in the hands of the crop of corrupted asses we have.

Like every other politician Anwar is not living up to his promises. Now I cant possibly see PKR taking over anytime soon. Looking at the current state of the world economy PKR won't want to take office with too much a glum outlook. What I predict in the many months to come is that they will still drill Najib over everything that has to do with taxpayers money.

We have Najib here looking every reason to duck away from the controversy he is associated with. Even if he has sworn twice that he has no part in a Mongolian damsel's murder I don't think the people would find it good cause not to keep an eye on the fella. Come on, if he is one to be PM in the not too distant future we sure as hell have our interests and investments in check. That would certainly include on factoring the loony head of the wishing-to-be-PM.

Who are the other contenders that we can see a smidgen of shadows being PM? Look around us. Nothing? No one? Worried yet? You should be. Dont think what will happen to Malaysia in 10 years or 5 for that matter....think what could happen next year. Yes, the outlook certainly looks dark eh? Yeah, and sorry we don't have a PM making factory or clone lab and grow 'em in a test tube and make them ready in 30 days.


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