10 October, 2008

What is the fine thin line in UMNO?

Alright... there are a few hot seats. From Youth Wing all the way to the Senior Years Club. What is the fine thin line between the two? One is young, bursting with energy but not too much on brain cells and the other hmmm.... too much dead brain cells (brain cells do not regenerate).

Malay politics is like a family twice removed. When in need there is all the references chop and signed as some distant relative. When they get what they want and the party elections are up it's the "Ehh..eh...lu sapa?" attitude. Humans will be humans and Malays will be always Malay. But as the Malay saying goes "Tak Jauh Punggung dari Api". A chip off the old rotten block.

So the Tun Razak Era closes with Pak Lah as the final president to the old boys club. but wait a minute.... Najib is tipped to be next. So I guess that is pretty much a Tun Razak legacy trickling here. What approaches Malaysia in the future? Could the opposition work Najib out if he becomes PM?

I bet it would be a tough order. Najib although most of the time silent is certainly not sleeping like Pak Lah. He was entirely brought up in politics and his father's blood flows dark and thick in him. But what his father did he has to do it different. I bet he wont be benchmarked against Pak Lah but instead against his father. Now even Tun M can't really beat Tun Razak's legacy.

So what will happen in UMNO? Will the Razak's house raise a new era? Or would those from ordinary backgrounds will rock the chess board? The New Studs versus Old Knights... I just hope Mat Tyson won't bite anyones ears off.

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