25 October, 2008

Why do you think Pak Lah refuses to allow the ISA debate in parliament?

This is a no brainer question isn't it? A million and one hands and reasons to answer this question. But really why shouldn't it be allowed? We can speculate till the ends of time on this and the truth will still remain hidden. But why the pressure about ISA?

Over the many years that this law has been practiced it has seen many names scribbled on its in and out roster. As to date there should be about 60+ people not surprising that they are all males who are placed in Kamunting Detention Camp. Not to mention there are foreigners detained as well.

By letting all these people free and perhaps just a refurbishment of the ISA  would it be detrimental to the country's stability? Perhaps, maybe...but what kind of stability are we referring to? Economic? Political? Social? Those the majority who has done wrong or perhaps even worse things are very much on the loose.

If there are those that need to be detained by all means they should be charged proper in court and have their arrest substantiated with evidence. Pride of talk that Malaysia is a Muslim Nation is not justified. For by law and practice and governance we follow not even half of what other Islamic Nations does. Sin taxes is a clear indication that even Muslims in this country benefit from the tax collections from the sale of alcohol.

Back to the topic, why the refusal to debate the issue in parliament? He is obviously going out of the act...so perhaps some assurance that those who thinks of getting back at him will think twice? What offence is greater than being an incapable  and corrupt leader? Being a terrorist? Or a deviant religous cult?

Substantiate the absorbtion of corruption into the system that governs a country and the cronyism that looms behind every tail of a politician, Isn't that much more dangerous than those detained under the ISA today? What these powers that be fail to see is that they are all too human as well and are susceptible to the query of the people. But the chain of balance has been broken a long time ago and thus many forget the power is not theirs.

The taint of greed runs deep in their veins and is thicker than blood. For whatever it takes they wont want to let it go thus a law like the ISA proves to be the perfect tool to deter those who appose. To these bunch what is fair to them is what is profitable to them. They want to live rich for generations, be the apple of the eye to the public, be hailed as gods in the modern world.

True as Tun M said "Melayu mudah lupa" which in turn slaps back at him square. Now that system they built for themselves lives on to future leaders to use at their discretion and that snowballs into what it is today. It is not a problem, it is an epidemic that has no medical cure.

Perhaps if we work for the abolishment of the Draconian law today the results definitely wont be anytime soon. But by doing it now we can somehow guarentee some hope. The current crop of leaders have to go and drastic reforms like what PKR seeks may not be the answer. A slow and painful gradual process would seem likely at a point when it materializes at least our children will benefit from.

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