28 November, 2008

Pasir Salak BN MP is a barbarian in a suit.

Could it be possible for an uncultured man such as BN's Pasir Salak representative be of any use to his constituents? Being very eloquent in profanity might work when someone double parks behind your car and you have to rush on an emergency. But not enough being very vocal (for the wrong reasons) he had to call a fellow MP a son our of marriage.

Seriously for a man what respect he had just disappeared in a whiff. First things first such language could just be used by any MP who takes offense and thinks that a remark is a personal attack against him. I would however would like to question on how actually the Honourable Chairman of the house classifies what needs to be taken action upon and what is not.

I do think that there is some form of misjudgment on behalf of the Chairman. The rules should be enforced explicitly and the moment that profanity is used against a fellow MP or in relation to anyone for that matter he or she should be brought out from parliament immediately. No question or plea needed.

The barbarian in a suit has really showed no respect to members of parliament and could not really care about anything else but himself. How could he be elected to represent Pasir Salak has got me wondering. I bet he wont be elected into the next term.... which should serve him right.

26 November, 2008

10 reasons a Malaysian would use to migrate.

I believe for every foreigner who wants to seek PR in Malaysia there is easily double that amount of people who wants to migrate out of Malaysia. What seems to be the problem is that many are really not happy what the government is doing and also the job market is really not up to expectations to the majority. But let me just list the possible excuses that a Malaysian would use to migrate overseas.

  1. Bad public healtcare.
  2. Narrow career advancement.
  3. Bad public transport.
  4. Terrible education standards.
  5. Corrupted government.
  6. Double standards.
  7. Racism.
  8. Unjust courts.
  9. Escelating cost of living.
  10. Low income standards.
But of course the same can be said for other countries. I guess as Malaysians we are indeed fed up with the brand of living that we have to put up with. So what is the long beeline to obtain PR in this country? Perhaps for the same reasons as above.

25 November, 2008

A Fatwa that does not concern you.

Still up in arms with the Fatwa against Yoga? If you are not a Muslim why the big fuss? And if you are a Muslim why not do something else besides Yoga for your well-being? As Yoga is a form of exercise and breathing techniques which does entails into some chants and mantras for the fanatics. I might be wrong so just correct me in the comments.

But if we observe a Muslim in prayer it is actually part exercise and relaxation. The various positions during Solat actually involves carefully planned and timed movements. What is good is that it is not meant to strain or injure. So the concept that may Muslims forget is that Solat is not only to do your duty as a Muslim but in return it is also a good form of low impact exercise... without breaking a sweat.

So what if the Fatwa actually bans Yoga for Muslims. It is just a precautionary measure as Yoga has it's roots set in Hinduism. Unless with proper guidance, Yoga could not possibly be self taught. My point is that never take up something blindly without proper guidance and basics. But if someone wants to practice Yoga just for the physical wellness aspect and not enlightenment from other than what their own religion teaches it should be pretty fine. Still to some paranoia is perhaps the best way to keep them close to god.

24 November, 2008

So Melayu the rumah kayu.

I would remember some popular racist jokes that Malaysians are accustomed to and would wonder why such prejudice occurs in a multi ethnic nation such as Malaysia. Be it that the struggle for Merdeka was really the support from the people of all races but one race wants to remain supreme above all else.

Most often it is a fantasy rather than reality that enforces certain policies that makes other races work harder to earn their keep and allows the rich to get richer by the day. But Malays really are micro managers rather than wanting to see the whole picture. Yes that is all that matters.

The basis of every Malay institution is in fact that they lived in villages and very seldom venture out to see how things are done elsewhere. Over the generations the defect is hard coded into the Malay brain and that is all they know to do. Which brings me to certain traits of Malays.

They are a very caring bunch. So caring in fact that even if the neighbor's chicken lays eggs, 3 neighbouring villages would know of it before end of day. Efficiently disseminating useless information is an expertise that few or perhaps no other race does. For a clear indication on what kind of a social market the Malay is try watching them in the morning.

Malays love to talk... in fact perhaps the faster their mouths move the faster their typing would be. Just be warned, errors are aplenty because of such simplistic ways their lives are. But change is never a good thing for them. You see, they cant help but bitch on someone if they notice a tiny thing different about them. That proves a point that Malays are very observant people.

In fact, if what they see is not properly clarified they would be more than obliging to add their own flavour text. Which since they love sambal belacan you can bet it would have a fishy ending. The aspiring itch to have a large house but a kampung mind would just ruin modern architecture and take out the modern about modern living. Simply because the mind is still stuck in the kampung scale of things.

Fatwa on "Pengkid" to deter lesbianism?

How much could passing a fatwa do? Apart from causing anger in certain quarters, other than that it will not do much. Just a declaration that Muslim clerics do not condone the manner in question. Lesbians are not only caused by women who cross dresses and adopt mannerism of a man. It is more psychological than just skin deep.

Instead of releasing Fatwas on this and that why not go out there and do some sort of education campaign and create awareness? Releasing a Fatwa does and will not change anything much apart from raising the anger of some activists which more often than not have no knowledge of what Islam is and should be.

This is where practices in society does not conform to religious beliefs and the only way to curb and eradicate the problem is trough education. To start things off why not concentrate at colleges and universities. That is normally where these things start. So stop going on about the Fatwa and really act on it.

21 November, 2008

As expected Wanita top post will be contested.

In line with change it is inevitable for Wanita Umno to escape unscathed. In my opinion Rafidah should have stepped down when Tun M retired from office. Look at it this way...even Sammy Vellu knows his days are numbered but MIC is a different pond altogether.

But the acid test still remains.... nominations will not mean a definite victory. could Shahrizat pull it off and tug the Iron Lady down? Women and politics is a time bomb. Once the dust has settled it would be pretty uneventful after. Shahrizat would bring some form of modernization to the Wanita wing and hopefully put Malay women at a higher level.

18 November, 2008

Higher education should concentrate more on women.

Higher Education is given so much emphasis these days. Diplomas are treated like certificates, Degrees are like mere diplomas. The bar has raised that so many graduates just continue studying for Masters right after obtaining their Degree. Women accounts for a majority of undergraduates in Universities in Malaysia. Yet males are always preferred.

Lets put things into perspective. Gender equality is so much in question these days and activists are ever bolder fighting for the rights of women. Take the EX University Malaysia VC for example. Truthfully her term is already a slap in the face for all women.

Being axed is one thing but offered 2 and a half year contract as compared to 3 years for males truly displays discrimination. What is that women today cant do as well as men? Since majority of undergraduates are women then more emphasis need to be given to protect them and enrich them. Treat them equally as males would be due respect of their abilities.

Should males be worried? Yes, they are being taken over. But at least play it fair and not discriminate just because they have no balls. In fact women may sometimes have more balls than men. So why are we pussyfooting the issue?

17 November, 2008

Down 15 sen again, would it dip below RM 1.92?

It will be only 8 sen apart tomorrow from the old price before the 40% increase in June. Now indications or perhaps more to rumour is that pump prices will be reduced even more by end of the month or early next month. Could that be too optimistic?

On top of that are we Malaysians capable of being prudent with our right foot? That would most probably be the hardest thing to do. Yes the recession is looming in the horizon but the government is being optimistic and keep assuring that we wont be hit that bad by it. Now how much sweeter words can that be?

Yes I do have a lot of questions. But since the June price hike I too have practiced to drive with more caution and in a relaxed manner. More feathering the throttle rather than mashing it into the foot well. Keeping a constant speed more of the time as possible and making sure that I maintain the car to the best of my abilities.

But as off tomorrow I am not too sure my self if I can be that disciplined knowing that unleaded petrol is cheap again. Discipline is what I must say that causes us to be more careful and prudent. Still there is the thought of will the prices of necessities drop together with lower cost of oil prices. It would take sometime and even that let us not be too hopeful on it.

What we can be hopeful for is that we can keep that discipline that we were forced to take up half a year ago. Can we do it? I sure hope we can.

Child healthcare somehow has taken a back seat.

Shocking fact surfaces after study was done on Malaysian children. Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Mental Illnesses... what are parents today doing? The obsession of career advancement and stress at work somehow takes it toll on kids. Children these days have constant fast food because mom is at work. Kid plays on the PSP or Playstation because the dad has no time to take the boy out on a decent healthy weekend physical activity.

So we end up nurturing a future full of fat and looney people. Great, how bright the future will be. Parents of today have neglected their core responsibility and forgotten on why they pursue their careers as such. All they care about is their bank balance at the end of the month so that they could buy the best things...give the best education for their children. But they forgot about the body.

A sick body will definitely translate to a sick mind. So obese kids get booed at in school...which hits their self esteem and if turns for the worst some contemplate on suicide. Sick isn't it? But no one would realize that in striving to provide the best they actually are inviting the worst things to happen. They forgot how to love... and love dose not mean that a parent has to give everything that the kid wants. Candies wont make them happy for long, video games wont give them a tan (unless they sit and play it in the hot sun).

Obsessed with worldly things brings no benefit for the long term if your kids don't have the health to enjoy it. Need we be reminded all the time? I sure hope I don't.

16 November, 2008

Tolerance to peaceful vigils.

Authorities have a job being authoritarian. It is an exciting job I bet, having the power to man handle crooks and those who go against the law. But sure the interpretation of law is not simply text book which the police here practices. Surely there is laws on illegal assemblies. But as far as law goes it is meant to keep peace and order...so when a peaceful gathering is held to show support and motion for something to be abolished what is the gumption that it is not peaceful and creates disorder in society?

The recent Anti ISA Vigils have been obstructed by the police and creates and air of rebellion to some extent. Sometimes authorities are the pit of the cause of disorder. The iron fisted police apparently knows no bounds in what is right or wrong in the interpretation of the law. Don't talk about their common sense as apparently they have no sea what it is.

It is proven time and again that when society disapproves of something they would need an outlet to express it. Sitting in and out of one discourse after another cant really solve anything on its own. The awareness of such events does not have the visual impact and more often it is behind closed doors.

Peaceful rallies should be supported by the authorities and instead of being the fulcrum of outburst and dissatisfaction they should be assisting instead, ensuring the safety of those participating in the vigils...not man handling them and punching them into submission. Appearing at the scene with shields, helmets and sticks already implies oppressive force. Thus for obvious reason civilians will feel intimidated and insecure.

The police should allow peaceful vigils at designated venues. These areas should be zoned out so that there will be minimal obstruction of traffic and does not upset people who lives nearby. Thus the permit should be held as an agreement by the organizers to the authorities to maintain order throughout the event. If anything goes wrong the organizers will be held responsible. Simple... the police needs to use more of their brains than their fist and kneecaps.

Pure and Simple: The old has to go

Naturally sooner or later the new will have to pave way. The old have to retire either gracefully or otherwise. But we have a bunch of leaders that would hold on to it for as long as they can. Malaysia has a terrible leadership planning concept. The strength of any government or political entity has certainly got to do with how the current crop of leaders train future leaders. Youth wings are naturally bullshit as favoritism is very evident.

We can roughly tell what will the progression be like, why? First there is but a tiny crop of individuals who have the caliber to manage at top level. Second those who suck balls will most of the time get it and in politics you even have to pay to suck those balls. Talk about lobbyist we might have the best in the world.

Now what about the current relics we still keep in active commission? Sammy, Rafidah, Taib Mahmud.... why are these people so stubborn? Their supporters have to know that these people wont live forever to have their back when in need. They wilt, weather and just vanish away with age. Think for a moment.... there is a saying you can't teach old dogs new tricks. I believe it is true.

As we all know or might now that brain cells do not regenerate. It dies and never comes back. So after a certain age we get more stupid everyday. I believe many leader have passed their prime and are incapable to figure new ideas or solutions. So when the old are getting senile by the day they get emotional, kranky and needy. We cant have that in leaders. No we cant....especially those on the verge of bladder dysfunction.

12 November, 2008

Anwar's caucus is an indirect show of hands.

Subtle approach is not Anwar's style. For the past year he has been very vocal and naturally is always in a fighting spirit against his former party. Now does it seem that he is taking a softer approach? Could it be also to prove to a certain extent of what he promised his supporters couple of months back, that he has the numbers to flip the ruling to his side?

The caucus seems to be very specific and with a pure mission to just show what should really be done to reform the judiciary. But knowing all politicians are more than just one track minds, Anwar's latest move could be a combo approach. Subtle enough to be accepted in parliament and yet might just prove to what extent he has influence over BN MPs.

Interesting strategy and I bet it would not stop just there. Expect more such things to be set up. Perhaps even one to elaborate on the NEP... ultimately one of the promises of Najib in his battle to effectively be the next Prime Minister. Is there anything to be really excited about? Not that much.... but BN better be listening whispers from now on.

10 November, 2008

Oppression: A police past time?

Had enough of candle light vigils for a better Malaysia? Apparently not and sooner or later the authorities definitely has an itchy hand to do something about it. Thus last night a handy amount of civilians, some politicians and somehow a member of the press got hauled into nice dark coloured trucks.

Apparently they were arrested during all of them were singing the national anthem. I would be skeptical but the video proof on Malaysiakini declares otherwise. How could they have the cheek to release a statement that they did not do so? The police can be such gangsters as we so very well know and are very bad liar to boot.

From the video I like this guy statement at the 5 minute mark "It is amazing that the state is fearful of 200 people, It is amazing." Well, if it was 200 people with weapons or a stick or rock in each hand than perhaps they were dangerous. I bet there were more people holding up their cell phones to record the whole event.

It irks me that the same event was held in Penang numerous times and everything was all right and very peaceful. Is it because that the state in under the opposition's control that the police did not do anything? The last time I checked was that AmCorp Mall is in the Selangor state boundaries. Well unless suddenly it changed to be within Federal Territory just before the cops move in.

Syed Hamid Albar denied that he knew anything before it happened. Come on~ you got to be kidding me. At one point he was on top of everything and suddenly he has no knowledge of truck loads full of riot control police was dispatched to location? What a joker. It is sad that Malaysia is turning into a police state. Democracy and freedom is only a tourism sales pitch to fill deep pockets of certain individuals. Oppression towards the people is a valid pastime and gives a breath of fresh pickings for riot police who are only useful at our useless football league games.

09 November, 2008

The "Government" actually means Syed Hamid.

Do not ever be fooled that when it is reported that the "Government" wants this or that or will do this or do that means it has the consent of all ministers. How untrue the fact lies is that most of the time it is always the judgment of one man. For RPK's detention the decision was the result of just one man thinking that he is a threat and not a panel of people of was it made known that there was a group discourse to decide on to arrest RPK or not.

The term "Government" has been misused so many times that if one minister such as this particular baldy decides on to arrest people the other ministers might get a bad name too as yeah all of them buggers are associates. But let us not flee from the point of fact that it is the result that it was a one man's doing that spoiled the milk.

It is reported that "Government" wants to appeal on the case of releasing RPK. Well your guess is as good as mine, that Syed Hamid wants to cover his shame by using the word "Government" instead of using his own. We might be fooled once or twice but not forever. Why the appeal and the reason to know exactly how the decision to arrest RPK was understood by the judge? Are they saying that the judge cant read and understand the fact presented in the case?

I see the appeal as a contempt of court. Clearly RPK has done no harm to anyone. What he wrote was purely a point of view and it was by choice of people to visit his blog and read all that he wrote. In no way someone was forcing people to read and believe what he wrote. Unlike what Syed Hamid wants to shove us with false information that his actions are not at all politically motivated.

If it is so, why not detain all socio-political bloggers? Me included....as all of us are not allowed to publish our thoughts and rights to voice our grouses and doubts in the administration of a failing government. Our rights is to elect responsible people to run the country and see to it that our needs are fulfilled. If the government steps out of line than the people have every right beat it into shape. Even if it takes to force and pressure for another general election or perhaps even a vote of no confidence.

Syed Hamid is not and should not act as if he is the government. His actions does not translate to what the people wants. He is on a personal mission if not a grumpy old man bent to see to it that certain personal interests are kept from harms way. Again....do not use the government as an excuse to see to it that everything goes your way. The appeal should be denied by the courts as clearly it is an effort of Syed Hamid trying to cover up his bald spot.

Retired judges suspected corrupt? Why only now?

Zaki Azmi had months to report before the suspects were retiring. But he did not report it...why? Peculiar isn't it? but since now he is at the highest point that a judge can ever be in this country I guess he must have better balls now. Whatever the reason it may be a report has to be made to the ACA to fully investigate the retired judges.

I have to agree to what Lim Kit Siang says on the issue. Retired does not mean the person wrong doings during service is irrelevant. In fact they might just be living like gods on their ill gained and unethical practice.

07 November, 2008

Ultra Vires: Syed Hamid Albar the power abuser

I bet he cant walk freely to even buy his morning paper. With PKR released and the reason was made very clear that Syed Hamid did in fact acted beyond his power was indeed politically motivated. The pressure is on him with calls for him to vacate his seat. After such an incident I bet any other person would just retire.

Was Syed Hamid ordered to arrest RPK under ISA? Or was he really politically motivated with a golden carrot hanging just inches off hi bald scalp? Who knows.... but what indeed do we know is who is really shitting bricks with an anus of a pin needle. Ouch!!!

Yes I am very happy that the judge lifted the sentence off RPK and was very brave in doing so. Automatic celebrity status I tell you. But now what is Syed Hamid's next politically motivated bald idea would be? There are calls for him to quit and Pak Lah should notice and take note of that.

Who likes Syed Hamid? Short....bald and has a brain of a peanut. Syed Hamid should be charged and hauled to prison. The view from the the public would certainly agree to that. The longer the better.

Pak Lah oh Pak Lah......sack Syed Hamid now. The worthless piece of dead weight is more a threat to the country rather than RPK and his blog.

Obama shows acceptence in change, are we not to share that dream?

Sentiments of hope and positive thinking must be at an all time hi in the US. With Americans poised and primed for a change it shows that democracy does actually work. But are we all ready to face change of government? We bitch and bicker about the current one and there has been a bit of an upset in the last General Elections. But really are we all really ready to have BN out of the main frame?

It takes a lot of marketing and pitch to convince a whole country to vote against what has been a habit for over 50 years. But the rise of awareness and more youth who are paying so much concern on their future and the government that is to represent them could tip the scales next time around.

It is clearly shown that corruption is a normal thing in the current Malaysian administration. Anyone can be bought provided the amount is just nice. But how could freedom be infused from seeds that are tainted with money favouratism? There is simply no cure, unless of course to eradicate the money sucking seeds out of active politics entirely.

Read the papers and there must be some form of money induced agreement of support. That is why Ku Li is very disappointed. So the ACA will probe into the matter or whatever other division that wants to so call bring light and truth into the issue. So from the last General Elections and now there is really not much difference. All we get is stupid debates between brainless and childish MPs with one calling another bastards,leaky, some profanity hand signs and boos or jeers.

Perfect, we are definitely ready. Definitely ready for not implementing any change at all. We the rakyat are made to wait and look like "dunggus" while wishing perhaps the moon will split in two while peanut brained representative does some vocabulary game of multilingual responses.

04 November, 2008

Is a T-Shirt that dangerous to VVIPs?

Can a T-Shirt be dangerous? Perhaps even deadly and pose a security threat just because it has an anti ISA slogan on it? Logically it does not right? Well apparently the police having an IQ of a peanut thinks it is very dangerous and compromises the safety of some aloof VVIPs.

Yes yes!!! Absurd right? Now if I were to make a threat to some Very Very Idiotic People (VVIP) I wont wear something that would attract so much attention and at least big enough to conceal a weapon. Perhaps the police thought that upon sight of the T-Shirt the VVIP would gag and choke the food they were munching and die on the spot. Very dramatic but what are the odds for that? I bet very close to like never happening.

Please lah... there is no freedom of speech and now there is no freedom to wear what T-shirt we like? Some dark cult black metal T-shirt pose a much greater danger than an anti ISA printed tee. Where are your brains? Is it shoved so far up that crack excuse for an ass with your shiny black batons??

Excerpt from Malaysia Kini:

"I asked why I was detained and they asked why I wore this T-shirt. I asked what was wrong with the T-shirt and they said I could be a threat to the VVIPs present." 

"They gave me two options: Remove the T-shirt or remain at the police booth until the VVIPs leave. I refused to remove my shirt and chose to stay," he said.

Wearing an anti ISA T-shirt is worse than walking half naked is it?

Lucky to be born Malay? Ya kah Syed Hamid?

What a ridiculous statement from one lacking hair on the sunny side of his head. So what happens if someone is not born Malay but is still born Malaysian? He wont receive education and a job to be up to that level of what Zaid Ibrahim has achieved?

Firstly, one is free to express their opinion. If others are to believe and understand his statement then they have all the right. What I bet Syed Hamid is jealous about is that indeed many support Zaid's views on the Malay Agenda and whatever concept that entails it. So Syed Hamid is such a wuss and acting like a child making a big hoohaa and what not.

Face it, his (Syed Hamid's) statements all this time has never been a good conversation piece and cannot be taken respectfully. Why? Because half of the time it is bollocks. In fact saying Zaid is lucky to be born Malay and relating it in mass media to that is how Zaid has become what he is today suggests that not being a Malay is an entitled deficit. It is Syed Hamid who has to apologize not Zaid. Zaid is a man with balls while Syed Hamid has nothing else but that shiny round thing that encapsulates the pathetic thing he has inside it.

02 November, 2008

The Uncontested: Najib Tun Razak

The hand me down position wins tradition again. So it is Najib to take over from Pak Lah and what "perfect" timing it is. Economic disaster looms in the horizon and Najib wont have it as easy as Pak Lah did. Unlucky some may call it, a test of nerves perhaps? But what is certain is that also by tradition who leads UMNO becomes PM.

Just as Razak Baginda goes free off the murder case of Altantunya, Najib will have the country in a tarnished silver platter. Tarnished I say so because we the rakyat are not entirely happy with what has been going on for the past couple of years. Will Pak Lah's last minute plans of reform hold true? Or is it a transfer phase of power from one house to the other. Looks like Najib's years of patience is paying off. Unlike Anwar who was too in a hurry and young fire blooded.

ACA is probing into the chopper deal but will it be of any worry to Najib? I doubt it, I bet the cover-up has been done ages ago. Just minor loose strings to the most and some bitter UMNO members. Najib champions the Malay Supremacist and it is not too far fetched to say that Bumiputras will always have the touch of Midas to "help" them in every situation and bloodline predicament. Which spells out for prolonged laziness and incompetence.

So the plans shall stick to "World Class Facilities, Third World Mentality" and the supremacy will be enshrined forever to lazy bums. Good? No that is bad....really really bad! "Spare the cane and spoil the child". If there is truth that the NEP will be revamped we should see it within the first 6 months when Najib comes in power. For Malaysians that is all that we can do. Hope, hope and hope some more. Do we dare to vote BN out the next General Elections and let the opposition with no experience whatsoever take reign off our hard earned tax money? Off course not....too much a risk.

Thus...we are stuck. Stuck forever in this "hand me down" ethics and favouritism. Let us keep an eagle eye out to Najib. Tighten the leash when he steps a toe out of line. Only the people can punish their leaders. If and only if Democracy holds true to this country.

Khairy slips and Sarawak BN under pressure.

This seems to be an alarming upset to some UMNO youth members. The Stud is loosing ground and slips to third place in the nominations race. If that is a good indication we could see Khairy's political agenda taking a longer time to materialize. Khir Toyo seems to have some youth in him left but I wonder if it is a totally clean nomination. After all money politics is UMNO's middle name when open season comes.

Crossing over to Sarawak, they are getting more vocal these past few weeks. Which I admire and figure that it is time for a due change in the ranks entirely. 27 years for one Taib Mahmud is awfully a long time. Many thinks that he should give it a rest. Besides what else can he do already? Marginal progress to the most. I trust Sarawakians will not do the same mistake as to what we have done here in the Peninsular. Wipe the iron fist off before it wipes the people off for good.

01 November, 2008

Suspicious over the price drop.

Another price drop in consumable fuel. Are we getting happier by the month? Well, I am definitely not scrambling to the nearest petrol station for every price drop. Still, observing the prices I am wondering why Diesel is scarily being the same price of regular petrol. I mean what formula does the government use to calculate how much the price drop is for each consumable petroleum product.

There seems to be not much sense in going for a diesel vehicle now. The difference is only 10 sen as compared to 2004 where diesel was half the price of petrol. It does not help in the price of food you know. The price drop is coming towards its limit, I doubt it will go any lower than RM1.92. Realistically and not to expect too much from such a government it will probably just stop at RM2.00 which means the next revision (if the world petroleum prices hold or goes even lower) will be our last.

Still want to go NGV? I don't think I would.... not worth the conversion, eats up boot space and lacks power if you ask me.

Razak Baginda goes free but whats next?

Well the man is free. After the long trial failed to prove that Baginda had anything to do with the blown to bits Mongolian pretty lady. But the sentiment here is that many are accusing that someone interfered to let the dude off the hook. But why would someone do that? If he RB really knows too much for his own good he would just have a verdict with a noose.

The two cops who blew the lady is not scott free yet and it is most likely they will never be. Perhaps free from this world at a later date. Why is this case having so much attention when it started and now it has somehow simmered down? The spicy thought of the link of soon to be UMNO party president Najib is why. But nothing can be proved against him. If he did have something to do don't you think it would be a very clean job to wipe off all evidence and there wont be a trail leading back?

Sensational news is what we lust for so the news lines just delivered what we wanted. So the drama unfolds and now ziltch. So much suckers in all of us. But many will want to believe in the spicy story. Well if the imagination is anything to go by we Malaysians are really a caring lot. Or we just like to meddle in someone else business.

Good for Razak Baginda if he is truly innocent. But if he is not he wont escape from the wrath of god. Enjoy the freedom while it lasts.