26 November, 2008

10 reasons a Malaysian would use to migrate.

I believe for every foreigner who wants to seek PR in Malaysia there is easily double that amount of people who wants to migrate out of Malaysia. What seems to be the problem is that many are really not happy what the government is doing and also the job market is really not up to expectations to the majority. But let me just list the possible excuses that a Malaysian would use to migrate overseas.

  1. Bad public healtcare.
  2. Narrow career advancement.
  3. Bad public transport.
  4. Terrible education standards.
  5. Corrupted government.
  6. Double standards.
  7. Racism.
  8. Unjust courts.
  9. Escelating cost of living.
  10. Low income standards.
But of course the same can be said for other countries. I guess as Malaysians we are indeed fed up with the brand of living that we have to put up with. So what is the long beeline to obtain PR in this country? Perhaps for the same reasons as above.

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