12 November, 2008

Anwar's caucus is an indirect show of hands.

Subtle approach is not Anwar's style. For the past year he has been very vocal and naturally is always in a fighting spirit against his former party. Now does it seem that he is taking a softer approach? Could it be also to prove to a certain extent of what he promised his supporters couple of months back, that he has the numbers to flip the ruling to his side?

The caucus seems to be very specific and with a pure mission to just show what should really be done to reform the judiciary. But knowing all politicians are more than just one track minds, Anwar's latest move could be a combo approach. Subtle enough to be accepted in parliament and yet might just prove to what extent he has influence over BN MPs.

Interesting strategy and I bet it would not stop just there. Expect more such things to be set up. Perhaps even one to elaborate on the NEP... ultimately one of the promises of Najib in his battle to effectively be the next Prime Minister. Is there anything to be really excited about? Not that much.... but BN better be listening whispers from now on.

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