17 November, 2008

Child healthcare somehow has taken a back seat.

Shocking fact surfaces after study was done on Malaysian children. Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Mental Illnesses... what are parents today doing? The obsession of career advancement and stress at work somehow takes it toll on kids. Children these days have constant fast food because mom is at work. Kid plays on the PSP or Playstation because the dad has no time to take the boy out on a decent healthy weekend physical activity.

So we end up nurturing a future full of fat and looney people. Great, how bright the future will be. Parents of today have neglected their core responsibility and forgotten on why they pursue their careers as such. All they care about is their bank balance at the end of the month so that they could buy the best things...give the best education for their children. But they forgot about the body.

A sick body will definitely translate to a sick mind. So obese kids get booed at in school...which hits their self esteem and if turns for the worst some contemplate on suicide. Sick isn't it? But no one would realize that in striving to provide the best they actually are inviting the worst things to happen. They forgot how to love... and love dose not mean that a parent has to give everything that the kid wants. Candies wont make them happy for long, video games wont give them a tan (unless they sit and play it in the hot sun).

Obsessed with worldly things brings no benefit for the long term if your kids don't have the health to enjoy it. Need we be reminded all the time? I sure hope I don't.

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