17 November, 2008

Down 15 sen again, would it dip below RM 1.92?

It will be only 8 sen apart tomorrow from the old price before the 40% increase in June. Now indications or perhaps more to rumour is that pump prices will be reduced even more by end of the month or early next month. Could that be too optimistic?

On top of that are we Malaysians capable of being prudent with our right foot? That would most probably be the hardest thing to do. Yes the recession is looming in the horizon but the government is being optimistic and keep assuring that we wont be hit that bad by it. Now how much sweeter words can that be?

Yes I do have a lot of questions. But since the June price hike I too have practiced to drive with more caution and in a relaxed manner. More feathering the throttle rather than mashing it into the foot well. Keeping a constant speed more of the time as possible and making sure that I maintain the car to the best of my abilities.

But as off tomorrow I am not too sure my self if I can be that disciplined knowing that unleaded petrol is cheap again. Discipline is what I must say that causes us to be more careful and prudent. Still there is the thought of will the prices of necessities drop together with lower cost of oil prices. It would take sometime and even that let us not be too hopeful on it.

What we can be hopeful for is that we can keep that discipline that we were forced to take up half a year ago. Can we do it? I sure hope we can.

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wankongyew said...

What? And that's a good thing? Dropping fuel prices is a good opportunity to gradually do away with the stupid subsidy instead of restoring them.