25 November, 2008

A Fatwa that does not concern you.

Still up in arms with the Fatwa against Yoga? If you are not a Muslim why the big fuss? And if you are a Muslim why not do something else besides Yoga for your well-being? As Yoga is a form of exercise and breathing techniques which does entails into some chants and mantras for the fanatics. I might be wrong so just correct me in the comments.

But if we observe a Muslim in prayer it is actually part exercise and relaxation. The various positions during Solat actually involves carefully planned and timed movements. What is good is that it is not meant to strain or injure. So the concept that may Muslims forget is that Solat is not only to do your duty as a Muslim but in return it is also a good form of low impact exercise... without breaking a sweat.

So what if the Fatwa actually bans Yoga for Muslims. It is just a precautionary measure as Yoga has it's roots set in Hinduism. Unless with proper guidance, Yoga could not possibly be self taught. My point is that never take up something blindly without proper guidance and basics. But if someone wants to practice Yoga just for the physical wellness aspect and not enlightenment from other than what their own religion teaches it should be pretty fine. Still to some paranoia is perhaps the best way to keep them close to god.

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