09 November, 2008

The "Government" actually means Syed Hamid.

Do not ever be fooled that when it is reported that the "Government" wants this or that or will do this or do that means it has the consent of all ministers. How untrue the fact lies is that most of the time it is always the judgment of one man. For RPK's detention the decision was the result of just one man thinking that he is a threat and not a panel of people of was it made known that there was a group discourse to decide on to arrest RPK or not.

The term "Government" has been misused so many times that if one minister such as this particular baldy decides on to arrest people the other ministers might get a bad name too as yeah all of them buggers are associates. But let us not flee from the point of fact that it is the result that it was a one man's doing that spoiled the milk.

It is reported that "Government" wants to appeal on the case of releasing RPK. Well your guess is as good as mine, that Syed Hamid wants to cover his shame by using the word "Government" instead of using his own. We might be fooled once or twice but not forever. Why the appeal and the reason to know exactly how the decision to arrest RPK was understood by the judge? Are they saying that the judge cant read and understand the fact presented in the case?

I see the appeal as a contempt of court. Clearly RPK has done no harm to anyone. What he wrote was purely a point of view and it was by choice of people to visit his blog and read all that he wrote. In no way someone was forcing people to read and believe what he wrote. Unlike what Syed Hamid wants to shove us with false information that his actions are not at all politically motivated.

If it is so, why not detain all socio-political bloggers? Me included....as all of us are not allowed to publish our thoughts and rights to voice our grouses and doubts in the administration of a failing government. Our rights is to elect responsible people to run the country and see to it that our needs are fulfilled. If the government steps out of line than the people have every right beat it into shape. Even if it takes to force and pressure for another general election or perhaps even a vote of no confidence.

Syed Hamid is not and should not act as if he is the government. His actions does not translate to what the people wants. He is on a personal mission if not a grumpy old man bent to see to it that certain personal interests are kept from harms way. Again....do not use the government as an excuse to see to it that everything goes your way. The appeal should be denied by the courts as clearly it is an effort of Syed Hamid trying to cover up his bald spot.

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