18 November, 2008

Higher education should concentrate more on women.

Higher Education is given so much emphasis these days. Diplomas are treated like certificates, Degrees are like mere diplomas. The bar has raised that so many graduates just continue studying for Masters right after obtaining their Degree. Women accounts for a majority of undergraduates in Universities in Malaysia. Yet males are always preferred.

Lets put things into perspective. Gender equality is so much in question these days and activists are ever bolder fighting for the rights of women. Take the EX University Malaysia VC for example. Truthfully her term is already a slap in the face for all women.

Being axed is one thing but offered 2 and a half year contract as compared to 3 years for males truly displays discrimination. What is that women today cant do as well as men? Since majority of undergraduates are women then more emphasis need to be given to protect them and enrich them. Treat them equally as males would be due respect of their abilities.

Should males be worried? Yes, they are being taken over. But at least play it fair and not discriminate just because they have no balls. In fact women may sometimes have more balls than men. So why are we pussyfooting the issue?

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