04 November, 2008

Is a T-Shirt that dangerous to VVIPs?

Can a T-Shirt be dangerous? Perhaps even deadly and pose a security threat just because it has an anti ISA slogan on it? Logically it does not right? Well apparently the police having an IQ of a peanut thinks it is very dangerous and compromises the safety of some aloof VVIPs.

Yes yes!!! Absurd right? Now if I were to make a threat to some Very Very Idiotic People (VVIP) I wont wear something that would attract so much attention and at least big enough to conceal a weapon. Perhaps the police thought that upon sight of the T-Shirt the VVIP would gag and choke the food they were munching and die on the spot. Very dramatic but what are the odds for that? I bet very close to like never happening.

Please lah... there is no freedom of speech and now there is no freedom to wear what T-shirt we like? Some dark cult black metal T-shirt pose a much greater danger than an anti ISA printed tee. Where are your brains? Is it shoved so far up that crack excuse for an ass with your shiny black batons??

Excerpt from Malaysia Kini:

"I asked why I was detained and they asked why I wore this T-shirt. I asked what was wrong with the T-shirt and they said I could be a threat to the VVIPs present." 

"They gave me two options: Remove the T-shirt or remain at the police booth until the VVIPs leave. I refused to remove my shirt and chose to stay," he said.

Wearing an anti ISA T-shirt is worse than walking half naked is it?

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Abang Long said...

Well, the gov seems too sensitive with the "rakyat" nowadays. Anything that displays or says something against its policies shall be considered as provocative!

So, be careful when you want to display or say something! The special branches and intelligents are everywhere..hehehe