02 November, 2008

Khairy slips and Sarawak BN under pressure.

This seems to be an alarming upset to some UMNO youth members. The Stud is loosing ground and slips to third place in the nominations race. If that is a good indication we could see Khairy's political agenda taking a longer time to materialize. Khir Toyo seems to have some youth in him left but I wonder if it is a totally clean nomination. After all money politics is UMNO's middle name when open season comes.

Crossing over to Sarawak, they are getting more vocal these past few weeks. Which I admire and figure that it is time for a due change in the ranks entirely. 27 years for one Taib Mahmud is awfully a long time. Many thinks that he should give it a rest. Besides what else can he do already? Marginal progress to the most. I trust Sarawakians will not do the same mistake as to what we have done here in the Peninsular. Wipe the iron fist off before it wipes the people off for good.

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